Dadar railway FOB hits junction box hurdle

Feb 20, 2013, 06:57 IST | Shashank Rao

Staircase of foot over bridge at platform number five terminates in front of metal cable box; WR authorities say it is not a case of faulty planning and will relocate box soon

A newly-constructed foot over bridge (FOB) at Dadar railway station is putting Western Railway (WR) engineers in a sticky situation, as the steps that lead down to platform number five has an obstacle a junction box.

Dadar railway station
The foot over bridge at Dadar railway station terminates in front of a junction box and metal pillar

Call it faulty design or shortsightedness on their part, the slip up is comical since railway engineers take pride in maintaining accuracy while implementing construction projects. The FOB staircase that leads down to the northern end of the platform terminates right in front of the junction box, which contains cables that connect to the nearest signals and tracks.

Sources said that the task of shifting the box could test the skills of the engineers. “There are several cables that connect to the signals and other equipment is kept there. Relocating the box would mean that we need to realign the length of these cables as well,” said a railway official, on condition of anonymity.

In a bid to hide this gaffe however, officials claim that the box can be effortlessly shifted without much bother. But, according to the source, they are forgetting that a cross-angle metal pillar that is deep-rooted into the platform, will hinder their plans for a problem free solution. “Shifting a pillar or uprooting it entirely is not a simple job. They should have taken this into consideration while planning,” said another WR official.

Assuring that the design is not flawed, the spokesperson for WR claimed that the work is on track as per plan. “The work on this FOB is ongoing. The pillar is not obstructing the staircase, while the junction box will be shifted soon,” said Sharat Chandrayan, chief PRO, WR.

Long-distance trains currently halt at this platform and also Dadar-bound locals and 15-coach trains stop here as well. Next to this platform, WR is in the process of constructing the Dadar Midtown Terminus, which is estimated at Rs 30 crore. The new terminal is being built between Dadar and Matunga Road stations. Three platforms that would accommodate 24-coach trains are being constructed and the extension to platform number five will become a part of this terminal. 

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