Elections 2014: 74 cases under scanner for poll code violation

Mar 31, 2014, 01:35 IST | Priyankka Deshpande

The resident district collector’s office received 60 complaints while the police have registered 14 cases related to breaking the model code of conduct since it came into effect on March 5

Political parties have not been following the Election Commission’s model code of conduct earnestly. So far, police stations in the district have taken action against 14 registered criminal cases for violating the poll code.

The city gears up for the Lok Sabha polls, scheduled on April 17. Pic/Mohan Patil

Resident district collector (RDC), Suresh Jadhav informed that the administration has received 60 complaints regarding breaking of the election code since it was announced on March 5

“The 14 cases of violation of model code of conduct which include unlawful assembly, organising large gatherings without police permission or sporting a flag on one’s vehicle, which however are not serious in nature. The concerned police stations have taken action against the political party or the person at fault by registering criminal cases against them,” said Jadhav.

Voter helpline
The helpline service set up by the district administration to address queries on voter’s enrollment has so far has received 680 election-related calls. Out of this, the district administration has sorted out 406 complaints.

“Most of the complaints are related to Electoral Photo-Identity Card (EPIC). People also called us to enquire about the name of the constituency from which they would be entitled to vote,” said Mrinalini Sawant, a nodal officer from the helpline service. She added that the complaints are immediately transferred to the concerned election officer of the constituency.

Final voters’ list The final voter’s list in the district has seen an increase of over two lakh voters.

Deputy district election officer, Apurva Wankhede said, that the number of final voters in the district is 65 lakh, out of which 7.29 lakh voters do not have their photos in the voter’s list. With additional 141 auxiliary polling stations, the total number of stations in the district is 7,258.    

Number of voters in Pune district

Number of voters who do not have their photos in the voter’s list

Number of polling stations in Pune

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