Enjoy some tasty chicken at this new eatery in Lokhandwala market

Jun 08, 2014, 09:25 IST | Deepali Dhingra

While the generous and yummy fillings at Nothing But Chicken provide value for money, the pavs themselves could be a tad bigger

We hate cooking on Sundays. Especially when we’ve had a late Saturday night. So when the prospect of ordering from a new eatery presented itself, we grabbed it with both hands.

Chicken Seekh Pow
Chicken Seekh Pow

Just a couple of days ago, we had spotted a new outlet of Nothing But Chicken in the Lokhandwala market and popped our heads inside to take in the small but hygienic interiors, the well-stacked shelves of chicken snacks and cold cuts.

The Chicken Salad Pow was flavoursome. Pics/Deepali Dhingra
The Chicken Salad Pow was flavoursome. Pics/Deepali Dhingra

It had hardly been two days but there was already a big gang of youngsters, waiting to get a taste of the Chicken vada pow among other yummy stuff. Since there is no sitting area inside, we decided to wait some time and order in instead.

So here we were, waiting at home for the delivery guy to bring over our food. Around half an hour after we ordered, the food arrived and was met with happy exclamations from all. First impressions: the pavs were too small for the generous fillings inside. Some, like the Chicken Seekh Pow

(Rs 79), were literally falling out of the pavs. Nonetheless, the seekh pow (we tried the achari flavour) hit all the right spots with the soft kebabs that were spicy and flavoursome. The Chicken Vada Pow (R49) in the chicken and cheese flavour had a cheesy setting bang in the middle of the chicken patty something we truly appreciated.

After two pavs, we decided to take a break from them and snack on the Schezwan Chicken Lollipops (R165 per quarter kg). The lack of chutney was gravely felt and opinion was divided on the taste of the lollipops. Some of us felt that the lollipops taste better when the crust is crispy, while the rest, were happy with the soft and succulent chicken.

When the plate of Railway Cutlets (Rs 165 per quarter kg) was placed before us in Schezwan flavour, it was the fastest we had seen a full plate of snacks disappear. The melt-in-the-mouth cutlets were a mouthful and delivered the right kick of spice. After this yummy cutlet session, it was time to get back to the pavs. Next up, was the Chicken Salami Pow (Rs 79) in Herbs N Olive flavour.

This one didn’t do much for our tastebuds it felt a little bland after the earlier flavoursome snacks it was more than made up for when we had the Chicken Salad Pow (Rs 79) in Mexicana flavour. We tasted olives, red bell pepper, jalapenos, sausages and chicken in the tangy, creamy sauce and could have easily had another. Next Sunday isn’t really that far, right?

Nothing But Chicken 
Food: Flavoursome 
Ambience: Hygienic
Service: Quick and friendly
At: Lokhandwala Market, Andheri West. Call: 67252200

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