'G Kutta Se' Movie Review

Jun 17, 2017, 12:07 IST | Letty Mariam Abraham

Films are expected to be entertaining. But some cinematic experiences tend to be more than just that. Rahul Dahiya's G Kutta Se touches nerves endings and makes your blood boil

'G Kutta Se'
A; Drama
Director: Rahul Dahiya
Cast: Rajveer Singh, Neha Chauhan, Nitin Pandit

Films are expected to be entertaining. But some cinematic experiences tend to be more than just that. Rahul Dahiya's G Kutta Se touches nerves endings and makes your blood boil. It revolves around the patriarchal society that has different rules for men and women, and where the concept of honour is limited to the often-skewed public opinion.

G Kutta Se interweaves three lives through love, lust, curiosity and murder. Preeti (Rashmi Singh Somvanshi) leaves her husband to run away with her driver and is almost gangraped; little Diksha (Vibha Tyagi) lands in an MMS scandal; and Kiran (Neha Chauhan) falls in love with the wrong man and is preyed upon by her narrow-minded family members.

Set in Haryana, the film touches upon the prevalent practice of honour killing in India. The dialogues are predominantly in Haryanvi, which may make it difficult for people to understand without subtitles. But not once does it interfere in conveying emotions.

It captures the curiosity of a child's mind with absolute innocence. Diksha voluntarily becomes part of an MMS, without realising the consequences. Even as her world is about to crumble, she goes about finding beauty in butterflies, playing catch with her friends and mundane things. While the self-proclaimed moral police get a kick out of her video, her parents have already sealed the girl's fate.

In Preeti's case, the script tries to dilute the romanticised idea of the so-called-filmi love, which is in stark contrast with reality. She elopes with her driver, who later abandons her. Illusions shattered and with no hope of survival elsewhere, she must go back.

In a society where man dictates and controls every action of a woman, daring to fall in love is nothing short of blasphemy. When lust and desire take over common sense, it's difficult to make the right decisions at the right time. The story ends with a hammering climax that leaves you hopeful.

Drawing inspiration from true incidents, Dahiya keeps the script real and simple without compromising on quality. The camera work makes you feel that you are part of the story -- probably why the story affects the psyche more. Anjo John's music is in sync with the story and at times, helps fasten the pace. The title track tends to play in your mind till you leave the theatre.

While all the actors do a fabulous job, Neha and Rajveer Singh's (who plays Vijender) complex characters are exexuted with finesse. You wouldn't know if you like or hate them.

The film rings alarm bells about the rise in honour killings, while leaving you unsettled. A must watch film, where the script more than makes up for the lack of stars.

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