Gaurav Chopraa sways his way into hearts of global fans with 'Dancing With The Stars'

Updated: May 04, 2016, 21:26 IST | A Correspondent

Gaurav Chopraa says he wants to be a cultural ambassador with his stint on 'Dancing With The Stars'

After charming his fans with the character of Mr Rathore in 'Uttaran', Gaurav Chopraa is now the first ever Indian to participate in the Georgian edition of 'Dancing With The Stars'.

Gaurav had made his international debut with 'Blood Diamond' in (2006).

Gaurav Chopraa

Gaurav Chopraa has also participated on Indian dance reality shows like 'Nach Baliye' and 'Zara Nachke Dikhaa'.

Gaurav Chopraa

When asked about his journey so far, he said, "The journey so far has been a little exciting and it's like a dream but ofcourse it has its own challenges. All this happened at the spur of the moment. As soon as I could, I said yes to them and I came but I was very late. They had already shot the promo for everyone else and it had been put on air, so they actually shot a separate promo for me. This led to hardly any time being there for the first performance and we just sort of put together something."

Gaurav Chopraa

When asked how he feels about the way the judges and his fans are embracing him in the show and how he is coping up with the challenges and expectations, he said, "The surprise in the first performance was that they really liked everything and they gave me top scores. The second week was a big challenge. There was a theme called quick step and am not really a dancer per say so while I am quite familiar about some of the dance forms that are popular in India, I hadn't heard of quick step and it sounded scary. It sounded to be many many fast steps and it turned out to be exactly that."


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"It was a challenge to get them to say yes for an Indian song for quick step. It took me about two to three days to convince them. We went through many songs and then we found one and they were absolutely astonished to find that there is an Indian song that has a quick step beat. We found a song called 'Calcutta kiss' from 'Detective Byomkesh Bakshy!'. We started to rehearse and to my horror I realised that this was extremely difficult and almost impossible to learn so quickly. Also no one can understand the Indian songs that I suggest so I thought of a story which was narrated through my performance. And like everything else, I designed my own costume and I learnt as much as I could. And well by the grace of God it went really well," he adds.


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When asked about what did he have in mind when he went there or any winning strategy, he said, "When I came to Georgia, my basic point was that they are not aware about what’s happening in films in India. And so I wanted to be the source of that every week. I do want to underline that I am not here for competition per say. I want to learn a bit from them and teach a lot about us. I was successfully able to do that in the last week by performing on an Indian song on an international dance theme. I have been putting in ingredients from our side our aesthetics in my performances so far and everyone seemed to have liked it. I need everyone's blessings from India and I need everyone’s wishes. I am a bit of a cultural ambassador here and I will make sure the exposure to India and the Indianness reflects in each of my performance week on week."

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