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Aug 04, 2014, 08:22 IST | Ruchika Kher

Now, indulge in gourmet food without stepping out of home, with Foodesto.com's new DIY dinner kits

If you are a time-pressed foodie who loves to pamper your palate with gourmet food, there’s good news for you. Now you can indulge in restaurant-style food at home and that too, served hot with online gourmet destination, Foodesto.com’s DIY dinner kits.

The Table’s Papardelle — a pasta dish is also available as part of the dinner kit. REPRESENTATIVE PIC
The Table's Papardelle — a pasta dish is also available as part of the dinner kit. REPRESENTATIVE PIC

These kits that come in both, vegetarian and non-vegetarian variants are sourced as well as put together from the kitchens of restaurants like The Table and Indigo Deli.

Before: Roast Chicken ingredients

Roast Chicken dish
After: The ready roast chicken dish

Gourmet comfort food
“We introduced this with the thought that it will be perfect for people who love digging gourmet food as they can make it at home and that too, at almost half the price,” says Tarun Khanna, co-founder of Foodesto.com, adding that these kits can be the ideal indulgence while thinking of the perfect remedy for a dinner party or even a date night.

Through Foodesto.com’s website, The Table offers kits of its dishes such as Beet Risotto (Rs 575), Grouper (Rs 700), Papardelle (Rs 700) and Roast Chicken (Rs 700). On the other hand, Indigo Deli offers marinated options like chicken (Rs 325 for two pieces), fish (Rs 385 for two pieces) and prawns (Rs 495 for three pieces).

The ingredients are packed into boxes like these
The ingredients are packed into boxes like these. Pics/Emmanual Karbhari

“To experience this, all one has to do is to place an order and within 24 hours, you will have everything you need to create your very own gourmet meal. One-day advance order is necessary for these kits,” informs Khanna.

How does it work?
The products that are semi-prepared on the date of delivery are delivered cold and require refrigeration when received. It is advisable to consume the kit on the same day. “This is not a ready-to-eat kit. This kit contains separate ingredients and a recipe, which needs to be followed in order to prepare the dish. Salt and pepper can be added as per taste. The great thing is that all the ingredients, sauces and produce come straight from the restaurant’s kitchen,” apprises the co-founder.
The kits are delivered in all parts of the city, so are you ready for your very own gourmet dinner?
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