Hard act to follow

May 04, 2012, 07:33 IST | Deepali Dhingra

Just a few days back when Ayushmann Khurana was visiting a mall with his mother, a girl called out loudly, "Oye Vicky, I want your sperm!" Needless to say, the newcomer could only smile, not to mention his mother, who was thoroughly embarrassed.

But for the actor who made his transition from radio to television and then to the big screen, fame has always been a constant companion. CS catches up with Ayushmann for a chat:

John’s a buddy
John is not just my producer, he is like an elder brother. He relates easily with me as he too was an outsider to the film industry, like me. Nine years back, Mahesh Bhatt did the same thing for him with Jism, which John has now done for me. He’s put his faith in me. He signed me for my next film, even without seeing the result of the first. John has liked me since my television days and is proud of me.

Media magic
I have enjoyed every field of media that I’ve been a part of. When I did theatre in college, I used to really enjoy the whole theatre scenario; drinking cups of endless chai and eating roadside samosas. My buddies and I formed two theatre groups during those days. We used to direct street plays and even compose music for them. I believe I was quite a successful theatre guy. Then I switched to radio and started with a morning show. I enjoyed that stint as well. I used to feel that radio show hosts are anonymous stars. One day, I was sitting in a coffee shop and there was this bunch of youngsters sitting next to me and talking about me. They didn’t even know I was sitting next to them. Then I became a VJ and made myself popular by being Ayushmann. I got an opportunity to meet the right kind of people, interview lots of stars and pick up a lot of tips from them. I became a VJ in 2008 and after four years, made my debut in Bollywood. I was ready to be an actor then.

Happily married
Yes, I’m married. I’m just 27, so a lot of people don’t believe that. Tahira’s my first and last girlfriend. We were seeing each other for 11 years before tying the knot. Legally, we’ve been married for around 11 months. We had done journalism together. She’s a lecturer, has written a book and is writing another. As for terms like hot and sexy are concerned, I think if somebody finds me hot, he or she will do regardless of whether I’m married or not.

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