Hazel Keech threw tantrums while shooting for an item song?

Aug 04, 2015, 16:16 IST | Sonali Joshi Pitale

Hazel Keech apparently halted a shoot during a dance sequence for her item song in 'Bankey Ki Crazy Baraat'

Hazel Keech who was last seen in 'Bodyguard' and then did an item number in the film 'Maximum' on a famous south number 'Aa Ante Amalapuram', has bagged yet another item song in 'Bankey Ki Crazy Baraat'.

Hazel Keech and (inset) Sanjay Mishra
Hazel Keech and (inset) Sanjay Mishra

The actress was shooting for her number few weeks ago and she is said to have created a scene on the sets. A crew member says, “Hazel was supposed to shoot for a song and Sanjay Mishra too was going to be featured in it from the rest of the cast members."

"Initially we did few rehearsals and then started shooting after some takes and re takes, but suddenly Hazel walked out of the set and went into her vanity van. We assumed that she wanted to take a break and therefore we waited for her but she did not come back on the sets.”

The unit then apparently spoke to her and realised that she was upset due to her co-actor’s behaviour. A source says, “While doing a step, Sanjay’s hand hit her and she thought he did it purposely. So she was not willing to continue the shoot."

"All of us tried to sort out the matter and make her understand that it was an accident and there is nothing more to it. However she was reluctant to continue the shoot. We tried hard to explain the situation. After couple of hours, she agreed to shoot and then we could complete the shoot without letting Sanjay know as it would have created more issues on the sets for no reason."

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