High five at Olive

Feb 10, 2013, 10:00 IST | Tunali Mukherjee

Not that one needs an excuse to binge, but just in case you're looking for one, Olive, Mahalaxmi, has a new Chef de Cuisine. Chef Mayank Tiwari, formerly of Smoke House Deli, New Delhi invited us to dinner with the promise to wow us with his savoir-fare of modern European cuisine. Here are five things that impressed Tunali Mukherjee

New Chef, New Menu!
The new menu at Olive is guaranteed to make you hungry. It’s not just pizzas and light eats anymore, the menu has something special in the form of big plates as well as a Mediterranean mezze selection. The twice baked Fontal Souffle, Summer Truffle Risotto, Balsamic Marinated Beetroot Salad and the 70 per cent single origin Chocolate Pate with Champagne Jelly is bound to entice your taste buds.

Chef Mayank Tiwari

Garlic and molecular gastronomy
We just can’t stop raving about the Summer Truffle Risotto, which is infused with roast garlic and has this wonderful smoky feel to it. Or the Roasted Almond and Potato soup for that matter, with its smooth, grainy texture that works magic on the tastebuds. There’s a hint of garlic through the entire menu. We wish the chef would tell us more about the molecular gastronomy involved though. With textbooks as delicious as this, we can’t wait to be educated!

Go Veg!
Planning to turn vegetarian, but don’t have the strength for it? Let the menu do the work for you. Try the Caramalised Zucchini and Soy Mince Construct. It’s good enough to make any hardened non-vegetarian go weak in the knees. Don’t forget to start with the Roasted Beetroot and Rocket Salad. So simple, and the dressing remains etched into the memory long after dinner is over.

Beetroot and Rocket Lettuce Salad

Chargrilled Jumbo Prawns
Served with citrus buerre blanc, herbed linguini and sautéed spinach, this is a dish to die for. The prawns are just right, chargrilled to perfection with the texture easy to bite into and deliciously juicy. However, there’s a reason why we chose to go Veg at Olive. This was the only dish in the non-vegetarian section that impressed. Impressive enough for us to not mope over about the dry chicken and salmon or the ho-hum beef that followed. True story.

Sweet endings
Red wine poached Pears with port steeped black grapes and Vanilla ice cream and a dessert made of 70 per cent dark chocolate. Olive earns major brownie points thanks to its sinfully pampering desserts. Reason enough to sign up for that extra gym class.

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