Indrani got tips on carrying out 'perfect murder' from Palande case?

Sep 02, 2015, 07:37 IST | Vinay Dalvi

Cops said that Indrani seemed to have studied the Arun Tikku and Karan Kakkad murder cases, which were making headlines in 2012, and learnt several lessons from them

In another indication of the amount of planning that went into Sheena Bora’s murder, Indrani Mukerjea, it turns out, had studied the work of another murderer, Vijay Palande, and learnt lessons on what she should and shouldn’t do while executing the killing.

Sheena Bora murder case: From A to Dead

Indrani Mukerjea and Vijay Palande. File pics
Indrani Mukerjea and Vijay Palande. File pics

Khar police officials have revealed that Indrani had learnt a lot of things from the murders of Karan Kakkad and Arun Tikku — which were grabbing headlines in 2012 — who were killed by contract killer Vijay Palande.

The investigation into the Kakkad and Tikku murder cases, in fact, was allegedly one of the reasons why she had dropped the idea of hiring a contract killer to kill Sheena and Mikhail Bora. It was also from those murders that she got the idea of burning the body.

On April 3 2012, Palande killed Karan Kakkad, an aspiring film producer. A month before that, in March, he had allegedly killed Arun Tikku, a senior citizen, to usurp his flats in Andheri. While Palande was arrested on April 11 for the murder of Tikku, it was later learnt during investigations that he had also killed Kakkad, a resident of Oberoi Spring Fields, Oshiwara.

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“When Indrani was planning the murder of Sheena in April, 2012, she had initially decided to hire a contact killer, but she dropped the idea as she read in the newspapers about Palande, a contract killer, getting arrested, leading to two murders being detected,” said a police officer.

Later, Indrani also read about how Palande had thrown Kakkad’s chopped-up body in Chiplun and the parts were later found by the cops. That was when she decided that she would burn the body as a precaution, so that no evidence was left behind.

Police officials said there are several similarities in the cases as well. Palande had introduced his wife, Simran Sood, to Kakkad as his sister and used her as a honeytrap to lure and later kill him.

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Indrani had also introduced Sheena to her husband Peter Mukerjea, the former CEO of Star India, as her sister. “Indrani initially told investigators that Sheena was her sister, which was also reported by the media, but she turned out to be her daughter.

Similarly, Sood, who was arrested along with Palande, initially told the cops that she was his sibling. She later said she was his niece and only after sustained interrogation was it revealed that she was his second wife,” said the officer.

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