Kala Ghoda restaurant Mamagoto now offers a variety of cocktails

Jan 22, 2014, 08:10 IST | Dhara Vora

Delhi-based Asian cuisine restaurant, Mamagoto, which entered the city last summer, has finally got its bar up and running, reports Dhara Vora

Mamagoto has managed to catch the fancy of city’s foodies with its quirky interiors and yummy food. Sadly, for those who craved a high from alcohol while getting high on food; it didn’t have a liquor licence, despite boasting of three outlets in the city — Bandra, Kala Ghoda and Ghatkopar.

Mamagoto offers a variety of cocktails for those who love their tipple. Pic/ Suresh KK

Finally, their Kala Ghoda outlet has got its licence and they now offer various concoctions. The cocktail we sampled, Bangkok G & T, banked on Mamagoto’s speciality in Asian cuisine and gave a kaffir lime twist to the regular gin and tonic. The Cinnamon Whisky Story was a great mix of Jack Daniels with cinnamon essence and lime. While we abhor cinnamon, this well-shaken drink had us calling for a second. Beware though, they aren’t stingy on the alcohol content (60 ml) and hence, the cocktails are quite potent. Their seasonal special menu boasts of the Guavagoto, a guava version of Bloody Mary, which will be appreciated by those who love spice in all they eat. On an average, all their cocktails are priced around Rs395.

At Mamagoto, next to Trishna, Kala Ghoda. call 67495660

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