Mumbai: Kurla bikers lose control during stunt, injure 90-year-old granny

Mar 27, 2017, 16:44 IST | Pallavi Smart

Three youngsters were performing stunts on their two-wheelers in Kurla when one of the two motorcycle riders lost control and rammed right into the elderly vegetable vendor leaving her seriously injured

Sakubai Shinde

Vegetable vendor Sakubai Shinde, fondly called Aaji by those in her Sambhaji Chowk neighbourhood, faced the brunt of reckless driving by three youths on Sunday night, landing in Sion hospital with a leg injury that doctors say could have led to a fracture. While Shinde recovers, residents of the Kurla neighbourhood say these two-wheeler stunts are a regular nuisance, but authorities have done little to curb the menace.

Around 11 pm on Sunday, Sakubai was sitting outside her home when two bikes sped towards her, one of them crashing right into her, injuring her leg. Locals managed to stop the bike and apprehended the three youth, handing them over to the Kurla police.

"There were three of them on one motorcycle, with the rider speeding and attempting a wheelie. While the stunt is dangerous anyway, it is worse to attempt it in a residential area," said resident Siddhesh More.

Rajesh Kale said, "Bikers racing each other and speeding, especially on weekends, has become common here. But, it's the rise of accidents that's worrisome. In the past too, there have been instances of bikes crashing into shops and stalls. But, this time, they have injured an elderly woman. It's about time the authorities took action."

The victim's daughter, Ratna, said Shinde's leg had a dangerously deep injury that will require sutures. The doctors have asked for X-rays to rule out a fracture.

Sub-inspector Naushad Tamboli of Kurla police station, said, "There were two motorbikes, with three riders on one of them. But, the victim has to register a complaint with us first. How can we take action without that?"

When asked about locals complaining about regular bike stunts going wrong, Tamboli said, "They have to register a formal complaint with us."

While the on-duty RMO at Sion hospital was busy tending to the victim and refused to speak, an on-duty nurse said, "She will need several stitches. The wound is very deep. The doctors are checking for fractures and infection."

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