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Sep 29, 2011, 07:47 IST | Soma Das

In her new book on tarot, Dr Roopa Patel explains how a deck of tarot cards can heal your soul. Alongwith the book launch, 22 tarot artworks will also be on display

In her new book on tarot, Dr Roopa Patel explains how a deck of tarot cards can heal your soul. Alongwith the book launch, 22 tarot artworks will also be on display

Many of us like to start our day by reading a tarot prediction. As it turns out, you can also use these cards to heal yourself or understand yourself better. This is what Dr Roopa Patel's book, Experiencing Tarot: A Book of True Stories and Healing attempts to tell the reader. Patel, who has been a practitioner for two decades, uses true stories of people whose lives were touched by the power of tarot. The book also includes 22 miniature paintings by Liverpool-based artists -- the Singh twins.

The Temperance card symbolises balance or harmony.

The story behind the book
Dr Patel was inspired to write this book when she was saddened to notice that tarot cards were being used as games at parties. "The cards have a deeper purpose; they can heal, aid meditation, and help figure your path in life," she shares.

The book seeks to de-mystify the tarot and explain its connect with new-age science. "The tarot card is a 2D doorway to the sub-conscious. Most great inventions took place in stages of semi-consciousness when the connect is at its peak," she adds.

While modern-day illnesses often baffle researchers, tarot card practitioners consider a deep-rooted emotional pain as its cause. "Every act of violence leaves an imprint of pain on the sub-conscious and needs to be handled with care. Meditating on the images can help heal the pain."

Post-modern miniature art
Dr Patel's book has 22 illustrations of the Major Arcana cards, which have been executed by the Singh twins. The artist duo are identical twin sisters but prefer not to be distinguished by their individual names.

"We have always loved miniature art but when we were studying art, we were constantly told that miniatures are outdated and have no place in contemporary art. But we felt it was part of who we were and hence we paint eclectic 'past-modern' paintings which are miniatures with an art nouveau twist," they said.

The twins recall an important road trip as their inspiration: "In 1980, we went on a family road trip from the UK to India in a modified transit van-cum-caravan. We travelled through France and Greece to India. We were exposed to miniatures and that cemented our love for it," they added.

For the tarot paintings, they divided the cards among themselves (11 each). Using water poster colours, they painted on archival cotton paper and made it more India-centric.

Did You Know?
Tarot cards are supposed to have entered Europe in the mid-15th century via Egypt. There is a theory which associates the tarot cards with Ganjifa playing cards (handpainted cards illustrated with images of deities such as Vishnu) originating from India. The gypsies are believed to have taken the game overseas.

From: October 5 to 10
At: Sakshi Gallery, Tanna House, Colaba.
Call: 66103424
Book launch and art exhibition from October 5. A tarot workshop will be on Oct 5 (6.30 pm); psychoastrology talk on Oct 8 (6.30 pm).

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