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Jul 21, 2014, 07:14 IST | Hassan M Kamal

Planning a small get-together with friends? Not keen to step out for a bite in the rains? Or simply lazy to whip up dinner? Dial The Food Doofs where all your food woes will be sorted out

Do you crave for comfort food, but are finding it too much of a task to enter your kitchen or visit a nearby restaurant? You’re in luck, because The Food Doofs, are here to do it all for you with various meal options ranging from a house party with friends, to birthday parties and quiet home dinners.

Food Doofs

Hot-piping momos to Chinese noodles, Italian pasta or fresh rolls — the menu has you spoilt for choices. Simply log on to their website, place your order, and it will be delivered at your doorstep. The best thing is that they deliver from South Mumbai to Andheri and Chembur in the suburbs. You only need to bear in mind that they need between two to three hours’ notice, and the minimum order must amount to Rs 1,000.

After poring over their expansive menu, we dialled Food Doofs on a rainy weekday afternoon. Our order included one of their party packs called Mama Mia — Italiano (Rs 1,110), and a Paneer Tikka Roll (Rs 70). The Mama Mia — Italiano comes with a choice of any two side orders, any two pastas, one 9-inch square pizza and two 600 ml cold drink pet bottles. Our order also had a Veg Supreme Sub and Garlic Cheese Bread (side order), Spaghetti Tomato Sauce, Mongolian Pasta, and a Barbecue Paneer Pizza.

The Food Doofs offer over 100 items, mostly vegetarian (including Jain items) that are available individually as well as in large party packs. Noticing the non-stop rainfall that day, we ordered and didn’t expect the food to reach us on time. It did. And, despite being based out of Colaba, the food arrived hot in Parel. A good sign.

The spaghetti though not as authentic as the name suggested, was delicious and comforting with the right relish of tomato sauce and herbs. Unfortunately, the Mongolian Pasta tasted similar to the spaghetti, though a bit on the spicier side, and made from flat pasta.

The 9-inch pizza had a paper-thin base, and was delicious too. Ideally a choice in the base would have been preferred, especially since this reporter finds the idea of a paper-thin base as unappealing as low-fat butter. The Garlic Cheese Bread managed to retain its texture.

Sadly, the Veg Supreme Sub was soggy and naturally, distasteful. In fact, we dreaded the idea of having ordered the sub as part of the meal. The Paneer Tikka Roll also didn’t win points. Though it tasted okay, the outer crust was overly dry. Despite these two setbacks, The Food Doofs impressed us not just with its service but with the food as well. And in this kind of wet weather, ordering food from here might be a good idea.

Log on to: www.thefooddoofs.com
Call: 9819060087
Email: help@thefooddoofs.com

Momos calling
In the mood for piping-hot momos? Head to For Heaven’s Cake in Fort. The guys at Food Doofs are whipping up vegetarian and non-vegetarian momos from this location. Their price starts at Rs 70.

At: For Heaven’s Cake, Victoria Building, opposite Mumbai Samachar Press, Fort.
Call: 22711025

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