Lower Parel eatery's 3 masala papads that make perfect bar snacks

Jun 03, 2016, 08:28 IST | Krutika Behrawala

As a Lower Parel haute spot tweaks the quintessential masala papad, find out which papad makes for good company on that boozy night out

Starting today, if you visit The Bombay Canteen for an after-work drink or dinner, you’ll find Brijnath Papad and Murugan Papad staring coolly at you from the menu.

  From next week, Rani Papad will join in the fun as well. And this isn’t just a regular masala papad that comes topped with spicy-tangy chopped onions, tomatoes and green chillies.

Murugan Papad, Rani papad and Brijnath Papad. Pic/Sayyed  Sameer Abedi
Murugan Papad, Rani papad and Brijnath Papad. Pic/Sayyed  Sameer Abedi

The thin and crunchy discs will appear with toppings like baingan bharta (roasted aubergine mash) and chicken tikka too. “Masala papads are among the most widely recognised Indian bar snacks, across the country. But the possibilities of the toppings are endless. We wanted to take inspiration from the quintessential chakna and give it our own twist with a constantly changing menu of various India-

inspired toppings,” says Sameer Seth, CEO and partner at the Lower Parel haute spot. The guests can also check out an installation, inspired by the papadwallahs who roam the city streets, featuring a street cart showcasing how the varieties are made.

AVAILABLE FROM: Today (Rani Papad from next week); 7.30 pm onwards (available only during dinner service)
AT: Unit 1, Process House, Kamala Mills, SB Road, Lower Parel.
CALL: 49666666

What kind of papad are you?

You imagine yourself to be the version 2.0 of Amitabh Bachchan’s angry young man avatar — temperamental, smoking hot, wild and always up for adventure. But yes, you can be sweet too, sometimes.
Papad pick: Brijnath Papad
Toppings: baingan (aubergine) in two ways, roasted and bharta (mash) along with homemade chilli sauce and pomegranate.
Cost: Rs 250 plus taxes

You are the life of every party and can perk up the most boring situation with your shenanigans and a sense of humour. You love having a good time, are as cool as a cucumber but you also know how to put a person in their place if s/he annoys you.
Papad pick: Rani Papad
Toppings: Sev and kakdi kachumber, spiced tadka raita.
Cost: Rs 250 plus taxes (add calamari achaar: Rs 400)

Listening to The Beatles over rounds of Old Monk is your idea of a perfect evening because you’re old-school at heart. You’re an open book and though you may not surprise your girlfriend too often, she knows you won’t let her down. After all, solid and reliable are your middle names.
Papad pick: Murugan Papad
Toppings: Chicken tikka, carrot salad, spring onion, lemon juice.
Cost: Rs 350 plus taxes

Try withs
Cocktails like Masala Tea-Cheers (whiskey, mint and masala chai syrup) and Appy Que (gin, green apple liquor and cucumber juice). 

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