Mahim eatery Ambretto is a hogger's paradise

Feb 05, 2014, 08:30 IST | Dhara Vora

Ambretto, a tiny new eatery in Mahim that offers quick bites such as poutines and baguette sandwiches, makes for a must-stop for fast food lovers in the neighbourhood

While the area around Matunga’s Central Railway station is dotted with a variety of food options what with its Udipi cafes and family restaurants, the same can’t be said about the area from Matunga Road station until Mahim. A small new eatery, Ambretto might change this scenario with its saucy (literally!) preparations that include, salads, sandwiches, empanadas and poutines.

For those who are bored of french fries, try the Poutine

There are several fast food eateries in the city but what we liked the most about Ambretto is the mix of what’s on offer — poutines come from Canada, Empanadas are Spanish style stuffed pastries, and baguettes are French long breads.

We started our sojourn by ordering The Green Mile submarine (`130) and Non-Veg Poutine (`150). First to arrive at our table was the Poutine. Chunks of vegetables and boiled chicken tossed with a mix of herbed and cheese sauces with french fries lined on the side, this dish was a big hit with the carb-loving reviewer. The Submarine sandwich had us licking our fingers with every bite, which was dripping with mayonnaise and other sauces also included in the poutine.

Hungry Men baguette sandwich

The vegetarian tikkis that were stuffed in the sandwich made it a filling proposition while the lettuce and tomatoes made it seem fresh. Though if you wish to pinch on the calories, ask them to go easy on the sauces. Next, we ordered the Cheesy Cauldron empanada (`165) and 12 Hungry Men baguette sandwich (`160). The empanada had a brilliant crispy crust that served as an antithesis to the cheese and jalapeno-filled inside and the mix of textures did wonders on our palate. Our only grouse, the consistency of the cheese sauce was watery albeit tasty.

12 Hungry Men, like the name suggests, is made for someone really hungry with its fries, chicken patties, vegetables and salami, filling indeed.

The Green Mile submarine made for a wholesome meal

Our final order was a Chocolate Brownie (`50), which was the only lacklustre moment of our meal. We were too full to sample their salads and would make it a point to order those on our next indulgent visit to this new discovery.

At The Nest, Manorama Nagarkar Marg, opposite Starcity Theatre, Mahim. Call 7718827031

Ambretto didn’t know we were there. The GUIDE reviews anonymously and pays for meals.

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