Making you own meal at Cafe Pico's Pot Foods

Jul 14, 2013, 07:39 IST | Phorum Dalal

It can be fun, provided it has the right mix of salt and seasoning, finds Phorum Dalal, after trying a few combinations at Cafe Pico's Pot Foods

Take-outs come in all shapes and sizes. Café Pico’s Pot Food menu throws an image of a brown handi, with aroma-filled steam emanating from it in our heads. In our contemporary, modern world, it comes in the form of a tub.

The Pot Food costs Rs 200 for non-vegetarian meals and Rs 190 for vegetarian meals

Five steps to ordering
We wait with bated breath, as the online menu takes a few extra minutes to load. Café Pico’s Pot Food menu let’s you make your own meal, with their chosen ingredients, of course. After you pick your rice, pasta or potato, you get to fill your pot with toppings, after which you Choose Your Style (read sauce) and Top It With Greens. It is not over yet, you can even add a drink or dessert to your order. While the entire process is exciting, and gives wings to your appetite, the 180 combinations seem way to many, thanks to permutation and combination we vaguely remember from a math class in school.

Dig in
We order pots of Thai Green Curry over Rice and Chicken, Pesto Pasta with Chicken and Bell Peppers, Cajun Potato with Herb Omellete and Barbeque Sauce, Rice with Marinated Cottage Cheese with Mushroom and Spring Onions. The non-vegetarian eaters miss their prawns, while the vegetarians have everything they could ever hope for -- cottage cheese, potato and the greens!

Conversation shuts up once the dessert boxes open. The Mango Cheesecake (Rs 80) is perfect as if it was just baked a few hours before the order, and Chocolate Terrain (R 60) is not something you want to share. It is rightfully sinful and gooey. However, the Expresso Chocolate Torte (Rs 80) doesn’t score much on our pallate.

Yes the meal is convenient, fun, and ideal for takeaway, but just a little more seasoning and a pinch of extra salt would make the meal complete.

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