Sheena Bora murder case: Mikhail Bora on his flip-flops and wild allegations against him

Mar 12, 2016, 08:30 IST | Sailee Dhayalkar

Indrani Mukerjea's son Mikhail tells mid-day why he fell out with his mother and that whoever is found guilty of killing his sister Sheena Bora should be hanged to death

Days after a media report suggested Mikhail Bora was the one who killed his sister Sheena Bora and that their mother, Indrani Mukerjea, was only trying to protect him, he said this was just Indrani's attempts to wriggle out of the murder case.

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Mikhail said "Mumbai Police and CBI have investigated the matter very well, and if I had done something wrong, they would have arrested me long back. Indrani is just trying to escape, and I know CBI is on the right track now. Hopefully, we will get justice soon and the accused should be hanged."

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Mikhail Bora (right) said the allegations levelled against him were just Indrani Mukerjea's attempt to save her skin. File pics
Mikhail Bora (right) said the allegations levelled against him were just Indrani Mukerjea's attempt to save her skin. File pics

Currently, there are four accused in the murder case – prime accused Indrani, her ex-husband Sanjeev Khanna and former driver Shyam Rai, along with Indrani's current husband Peter Mukerjea, who stands accused of criminal conspiracy.

Recently, there was a series of reports that Mikhail was being duplicitous – that he had helped Indrani to persuade people of Sheena's well being but turned around and accused his mother later. Specifically, it was alleged that Mikhail contacted Sheena's landlord's wife Melanie to convince her all was well after Sheena disappeared.

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To this, Mikhail said, "Melanie said some procedures regarding the rented house were pending, and so she asked about Sheena. I gave her Indrani's number and also informed Indrani that Melanie was asking about Sheena."

There was also a recent claim — which emerged through Peter Mukerjea's brother Gautam — that Indrani said Mikhail had killed Sheena and she had only disposed of the body.

Mikhail countered this, saying, "Whatever Indrani says doesn't matter, because since the beginning she has been lying. If she can lie about me and Sheena being her brother and sister, and not son and daughter, then that woman can say anything."

According to yet another report, Mikhail had claimed that Sheena was sexually abused by Peter. But Mikhail told mid-day, "I never told anyone that Sheena had been abused. I know that there could be no relation between Sheena and Peter; Sheena would never do something like that."

Mikhail said that Indrani had not only stopped all financial support to him and his grandparents, but she also ensured that he could not earn a living either. "In October 2014, Indrani stopped giving money to my grandparents. After that I faced a lot of financial problems as my grandparents were ill and I had no money to treat them. I had no job either, as Indrani produced a fake certificate of my bad mental state, which is why I lost my job. Today, I have applied to around 20 companies, but there is no reply. I have debts to clear."

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Speaking about his sister, Mikhail said, "The last time I met Sheena was in December 2011, during her friend's wedding. She was happy that time, and hugged me and said she was sorry for all the fights between us. But I could see that she was hiding something and that she wanted to say something."

After she disappeared, Mikhail said he attempted to approach the police but was rebuffed.

"I went to the police station twice, but they said it wasn't under their jurisdiction. I also went to an MLA who is a family friend, but he said the Mukerjea family is influential and we couldn't do anything about it," he added.

"I still want to know the exact motive behind the murder, because I am sure that Rahul and Sheena's relationship isn't the reason. I think there might have been a financial motive," said Mikhail.

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