Missing IIT-Kanpur student: Cops hope to get clues from friends

Jan 03, 2018, 11:20 IST | Anurag Kamble

Most IIT-Kanpur students, who have gone on vacation, are expected to return to the campus on January 4 to resume their courses

Akshay Kamble
Akshay Kamble

Will Akshay Kamble, the IIT-Kanpur student missing for the last 35 days now, return on January 4? His family and the police are certainly hoping so, as that's the day vacation ends and classes resume at the institute. With the Kalyanpur police unable to make any headway in the case yet, officers are eagerly waiting for tomorrow, to at least be able to question Akshay's friends and batchmates, all of whom will return for the next semester.

Akshay, a resident of Badlapur, had gone missing from the campus on November 29, after informing his parents that he was boarding a train to return home. When his father, Bhimrao Kamble, could not reach him over the phone, he sensed that something was wrong and went to Kanpur to look for him. However, even after a thorough investigation, the cops have failed to get any leads in the case. Hence, Dr Gaurav Grover, superintendent of police, Kanpur Nagar, has ordered a reinvestigation.

Speaking to mid-day, Grover said, "We got to know from the IIT-Kanpur administration that the students, who had gone on vacation last month, will return on January 4 to resume their courses. We expect to get some clues from them. "We are conducting a parallel inquiry, but nothing concrete has come of it."

When contacted, Bhimrao said, "If he has gone somewhere with his friends, then he'll come back. Though the possibility is less, we are still hopeful. There is not much update from the investigation, but something will definitely come out of it."

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