Mumbai Diary: Friday frolics

Aug 21, 2015, 08:10 IST | Sharad Vyas; Suprita Mitter; Dhara Vora; Krutika Behrawala; Hemal Ashar

The city — sliced, diced and served with a dash of sauce

Song sung true
A 16-year-old visually challenged girl from Ranchi with a beautiful voice, Tumpa Kumari, was brought to the city this week for a short training session with singer Hariharan. Kumari, who was brought down to the city by kitchenware brand Wonderchef, also had chef Sanjeev Kapoor to support her here.

Pic/Nimesh Dave
Pic/ Nimesh Dave

“She has a unique quality to her voice. We did a few vocal exercises and she picked it up very well. Since she is still in school, we will try to get her formal training in her hometown and bring her to Mumbai occasionally,” says Hariharan. Kumari may have just found her calling.

What an honour
In an honour for the Mumbai police force, chief of Maharashtra Anti Terrorism Squad (ATS) Vivek Phansalkar was awarded the President’s Medal for Distinguished Service on August 15.

V Phansalkar
V Phansalkar

Phansalkar, a 1989 batch officer who started his service as the Assistant Superintendent of Police, Akola District, is only the second personnel from Maharashtra to have received the honour this Independence Day, and amongst 76 others across the country.

On an earlier assignment with the UN Mission in Bosnia, he was presented with two UN medals for peacekeeping. To add to the list, he has been awarded with the Police Medal for Meritorious Service on Republic Day, 2008. Snap a salute to this one. As for Phansalkar, maybe he needs to call in a carpenter, to craft a new trophy cabinet for his home.

Papa do preach and teach
One of the many things that Shernaz Patel learnt from her father and theatre thespian Burjor Patel was how to be a producer, considering he was a, “stickler for great production values”.

Burjor Patel with daughter, Shernaz
Burjor Patel with daughter, Shernaz

Even today, Shernaz loves to manage and be backstage for the show, ‘Laughter In The House’, that features her parents (Burjor and his wife, Ruby). “It is a joy to watch them under the spotlight and on centrestage.

Hearing the roar of the audience as they make their entrance, makes me feel like life has come full circle,” she beamed as she said. Has this tickled your curiosity? Head to the father-daughter talk session at Kitab Khana this evening at 5.30 pm. It should have two I’s we think, interesting and insightful.

All ears for this
Classical music season takes off in the city, now and by December-January, it will peak time for music aficionados. On Friday August 21, 2015 the Nehru Centre will host a musical fest.

Tabla player Pandit Kumar Bose, flautist Pandit Ronu Mujumdar, ghatam player Giridhar Udupa and vocalist Devaki Pandit
Tabla player Pandit Kumar Bose, flautist Pandit Ronu Mujumdar, ghatam player Giridhar Udupa and vocalist Devaki Pandit

Tabla legend Pandit Kumar Bose, flute genius Pandit Ronu Mujumdar , ghatam player Giridhar Udupa and vocalist Devaki Pandit will come together for ‘Rivaaj’, a classical music concert.

Tickets for the concert beginning at 7 pm, are available on and are priced at Rs 500, 400, 300 and 200. They are also available at the Nehru Centre. For details, contact: 24964680.

A killer app
There’s an app for everything these days and yesterday, the machchar or the mosquito was immortalised or apportalized one could say. A new mobile app called HIT - Track the Bite, was launched yesterday, August 20, declared as, World Mosquito Day.

The app is designed to deliver real-time information on Dengue and Malaria based on the user’s location. Timely and personalised messages provided on the app, persuade people to take effective action against Dengue and Malaria.

Godrej HIT is also going to run a special drive to create heightened awareness around the need to download the app. We say good, because mosquitoes are sometimes a serious and deadly buzzness.

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