Mumbai Food: 7 bizarre but delicious Maggi items you must try at restaurants

Feb 19, 2017, 08:23 IST | Anju Maskeri and Kusumita Das

Chefs in Mumbai are getting creative with India's most popular snack - Maggi! From a sumptuous breakfast to a bar-bite, the experiments are as twisted as they are fun

No Matter how many culinary experiments one likes to indulge in, it's hard not to succumb to the charms of good old Maggi. Given it's undying appeal, across age groups, a handful of chefs in Mumbai have been whipping up versions of the two-minute noodles in quirky flavours and forms. From American to Italian, crunchy to soupy, the twists to the dish are finding takers. We sampled a few and came back amused at the sheer possibility this much loved and so-taken-for-granted snack holds.

Pic/Shadab Khan

On Monday, when we drop by at Door No 1, it happens to be the karaoke night. Patrons are crooning Abba's I do, I do, I do. Being the city's only retro bar, the place is dotted with LPs and shiny disco balls. "We want to take you back to the good ol' days. And, that's the idea behind Maggie et al as well," says Mihir Bijur, who along with Vishesh Khanna set up the place last December. The dish (`150), part of the single faux pas menu, is essentially Maggi served in a bowl with some 'leftover' pav bhaji and lime squeezed on top. "Oh don't worry, the pav bhaji is prepared fresh. We added the word in the menu for effect," he jokes. The idea sprang from memories of Bijur and Khanna's college days when they would make Maggi and toss it with leftover gravy while prepping for exams late into the night. "That's why we call it the single faux pas because most of us have tried various permutation and combinations while making Maggi at home. Some worked, some didn't."
Rs 150 

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"If there's anything that goes well with chai, it's Maggi," says Raghav Verma, owner of Chaayos, that offers an extensive variety of teas. No wonder then, that the Maggi sandwich has been part of the menu since it was launched four- and-a-half years ago. The sandwich, priced at `109, is the noodle peppered with tomatoes, capsicum and onions and sandwiched between two breads. "It's the default combo whether you're at home or trekking in the mountains." says Verma.
Rs 109 

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While creating the menu for this popular eatery in Juhu, Chef Ganesh Gaonkar and his team were given a single point brief — comfort food. "And, how can you talk comfort food in India and not think of Maggi?" he says placing a plate of piping hot Welcome Back Maggi before us. It's basically Maggi, Bolognese style, topped with mince lamb and finely shredded parmesan. Sitting atop is a sunnyside up. The lamb makes for a rich addition to the dish, the Maggi is slightly soupy, and together they make a good marriage. There's also a vegetarian variant, where minced soya replaces the lamb. The flavours are nearly the same. "It makes a very sumptuous meal. And, while we meant to serve this one for lunch, it gets ordered through the day, mostly during breakfast hours. If it's comfort food, it's anytime food, I guess," adds the chef with a smile.
Rs 225 

Zoobar chef adds finishing touches to the Chicken tikka maggi. Pic/Sneha Kharabe

This writer takes great pride in her appetite. So, when we reached Vile Parle's Zoo Bar to try the Chicken tikka maggi, we knew polishing it off would be child's play. We were wrong. Served like a risotto, with tender chunks of chicken marinated in Indian spices and then tossed into Maggi, the dish is finger-licking tasty and can be a standalone meal. "The Chicken tikka Maggi is my own recipe. I love Maggi and chicken tikka. Together it's the best thing you can ask for," says owner Nishant Joshi. Interestingly, the place has an entire section dedicated to Maggi called the 'WAG' GI, given its an animal-friendly restaurant. The options range from Kadai paneer Maggi to egg burji Maggi. Chopra's special Maggi, we learn, is inspired by Joshi's friend. "His helper would cook it in a way which made it taste very different from what we are used to. To make it more delicious, it's topped with a fried egg," he says, not willing to reveal the recipe.
Rs 165 

Chef Avtar Singh wanted to serve a filling bar-bite Pic/Sameer Abedi

Chef Avtar Singh wanted to serve a filling bar-bite Pic/Sameer Abedi


It's not too often that we hear of Maggi as a bar snack. The folks at True Tramm Trunk wanted to change that. So, here, instead of regular bar bites like chicken tikka or paneer chilly, you can opt for Meri Maggi to pair with your drink. "It goes fabulously with a beer or wine. Even a mild cocktail. The idea is to offer patrons a filling snack, instead of a tiny bar-bite. The reason why the instant noodle is popular is because it is sumptuous," says chef Avtar Singh, as he places a plate before us. This is Maggi crowned with spicy chicken keema, and a sunnyside next to it. "Maggi can be consumed any time of the day. But, over a drink with friends, it adds to the nostalgia appeal."
Rs 345 

The concept behind this popular Powai eatery was to build it around Maggi. The three "hungry heads" behind the venture, Arpit Kabra, Yash Patel and Rahul Daga, die-hard Maggi fans themselves, wanted to see how much they could stretch their imagination. Turns out, quite a bit. On offer here is the noodles in nearly every form imaginable, across cuisines. We tried two of their best-selling items — the Maggi burger, (called the Mag Burger) and the Maggi-pizza, which has been christened the Maggizza. Speaking of the latter, Patel says, "When you bring together the two things people love — pizza and Maggi — and manage to strike the right flavour, you can't imagine what happens." The Maggizza constitutes an eight-inch thin-crust pizza topped with classic Maggi. One can opt for added toppings like onion and capsicum, and for the cheese lovers, there's the decadent three-cheese burst, which, as the name suggests, comes with three exotic cheese toppings. The patty in the Mag Burger is a mash of potatoes and Maggi, cooked with the quintessential masala and served with a choice of sauces — the thousand island mayo, salsa mayo and Schezwan mayo. "We are trying to develop a variant where the bun too is made of Maggi. Let's see how that goes," Patel says.
Rs 70-100
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