Mumbai food trail: Go on a quest to discover Kalina's many culinary offerings

Nov 14, 2017, 16:50 IST | Shraddha Uchil

Join a group of like-minded individuals on a quest to discover the culinary offerings of a neighbourhood that is often overlooked in favour of its glitzy counterparts

Mumbai has such a wide variety of cuisines on offer that often, certain areas end up becoming blind spots despite being home to stellar, albeit small, establishments. However, with regional food becoming fashionable, there's no better time to explore one such neighbourhood — Kalina. This weekend, set out on a food trail through the area with members of the Facebook community, Goshtbusters. "Kalina is home to many different communities, and several have left their mark by setting up little eateries in the area. We will visit five such places on our first trail in Santacruz," says co-founder Augustine Correa.

Food coma in Kalina

The first stop on the route is East Indian Fast Food, a cart on a quiet street that hawks — you guessed it — East Indian fare. The menu changes daily, but expect some items, like the sorpotel or the vindaloo, to remain constant. They open shop only in the evenings, and are shut on Sundays. "We set up the food cart only three months ago, selling a few but interesting dishes that are not easy to find at restaurants. For instance, we serve wajdi, a dish made with goat tripe, and a prawn gravy called aatvan," says co-owner Kenny Jacinto.

Food coma in Kalina

The next stop on the trail is Theeram, a restaurant known for its Keralan fare. Here, you can tuck into fish fry, chicken stew, and nadan kozhi porichathu (Kerala chicken fry). They also serve an unlimited thali for R70, which is a steal. The next two stops are kebab joints — one in Masjid Galli, and another around the corner from the first — where you can have your fill of delicacies prepared on the tandoor.

Head to Theeram for Keralan fare
Head to Theeram for Keralan fare

The last stop, Dumpling Khang, is located at a distance from the first four eateries, and specialises in Tibetan and Indian Chinese dishes. "We have a range of momos, from the staple steamed and fried versions to unusual ones like stuffed tingmo and taipo," says Beenay Rai, who co-founded the restaurant with his sister Sreejani in 2014.

Food coma in Kalina

The duo hails from Bhutan, so the food they serve has flavours they grew up with. "We also serve noodle soups like thukpa and thenthuk. The noodles that go into these are the hand-pulled variety, which gives the soups their authentic flavour," he adds.

Food coma in Kalina

On November 17, 7.30 pm to 10.30 pm 
Starting Point East Indian Fast Food, Kolovery Village, Kalina, Santacruz East.
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