Mumbai: Man who robbed actor Tej Sapru's house arrested

May 25, 2016, 07:11 IST | Shiva Devnath

His accomplice who looted Sapru’s sister’s house is still at large

One of two thieves who burgled the homes of actor Tej Sapru and his sister, Priti, last month has been arrested. They took away cash and valuables worth Rs 3 lakh. Priti had filed a complaint with Amboli police, while Sapru did the same with Versova police.

On Monday, Versova police arrested Santanu Bhuya (28) from Odisha, who stole jewellery worth R93,000 from Sapru’s house. Versova police said almost 50% of the stolen goods have been recovered. Police said the duo had told Sapru and his sister that they were cousins, but they may not be related. The ‘cousin’, Vijay Parida, is still at large.

Tracked his mobile
Police questioned several shopkeepers near the building and the watchmen of the neighbouring building, and found out that Bhuya hailed from Kolkata. While investigating, they found that Bhuya had called someone in Odisha. Versova police immediately rushed a team there, tracked him down through his mobile phone’s GPS and arrested him.

“We arrested Bhuya and produced him before the metropolitan court on Tuesday, which sent him to police custody for two days. Efforts are on to find his cousin,” said an officer from Versova police station.

Priti had hired Parida in January, who recommended Bhuya for Sapru’s house. Both Sapru and Priti used to leave their homes in the care of the cousins. On April 18, the duo looted the homes and decamped.

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