'My girlfriend found out my fetish for female clothes...'

Mar 31, 2014, 06:03 IST | Dear Diana

I'm one of those guys who likes to wear female clothes. I love to wear panties below my men's clothing

Dear Diana,
I'm one of those guys who likes to wear female clothes. I love to wear panties below my men's clothing. Fortunately, none of my family members know this side of me yet. Unfortunately, my girlfriend found out recently. She's so upset with me that she's not taking my calls. I don't know what to do. I love her so much that I'm willing to change myself for her.
— Aadis


Dear Aadis,
As she was clueless, she must have been shocked by what she saw. Many guys like to wear female attire. They consider it as harmless fun. But cross dressing can shock the others. Your girlfriend's reaction is justified, perhaps if you had told her about your fetish she would have understood you better. She is likely to have many thoughts going on in her mind about your sexual preferences. You will need to put her anxiety to rest first and then tell her that you are willing to change.

Dear Diana,
I am 42 years old and a divorcee. My husband left me after I found out about his extramarital affair. We didn't have kids so I'm really battling loneliness more than anything else. On top of that, my mother passed away recently. I'm certain one of the reasons behind her early demise was my unsuccessful marriage. I am suffering from diabetes and blood pressure. Would it be a good idea to pursue love at this age and condition?
— Subiya

Dear Subiya
You need to immerse yourself in some creative activity or anything you like doing to keep yourself occupied. Make friends and hang out with them. There is no need moping about the past, you can not change that. If you find love, all the better. Also, get yourself registered on a matrimonial site. They will help you find a right match keeping your age in mind.

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