No smoking, no drugs. Only burgers

Sep 10, 2009, 08:12 IST | Kasmin Fernandes

Healthy fast food cafe Gostana has shifted base and burgers from Powai, to a quiet lane in fitness-conscious Bandra

Healthy fast food cafe Gostana has shifted base and burgers from Powai, to a quiet lane in fitness-conscious Bandra

Gostana is a rare breed. A hop across former coolio haunt The Bagel Shop, it has opened in one of the most secluded lanes of Bandra. The virgin location makes it perfect for curling up with a novel, or a Rolling Stone magazine or U2 autobiography you'll find stacked on the tables. "No smoking. No drugs. Only burgers," announces a metal plate sandwiched between a Marijuana Girl and a Jimi Hendrix poster. On the wall across, a red-eyed green-haired cat does a half-turn for a full-stare, while a blend of retro rock and Hip Hop sounds on the music system.

Chicken Steak Burger (Rs 120)

Unlikely as the mix may seem, the green decor fits the music mania like a glove, in this tiny cafe. The name which sounds like a meaty bastardisation of "Dostana" actually comes from an ancient Chinese town. You won't find any cuisine from China on the menu, though. The focus is on the paradoxical realm of healthy fast food: whole wheat or multigrain bread burgers, hot dogs, salads, coffees and iced teas. "Nothing here is deep fried or cheesy," declared staffer Melroy, sporting a crisp white tee and bright white smile. The USP is reason enough for low-cal food lovers to try the wares. He insisted that since we were first timers, we must try the Chicken Steak (Rs 120) burger. It had a light, spiced chicken fillet topped with a "secret" blend
of spiced sauces, a good substitute to the deep-fried patty, cheese and mayo filling at burger joints.

Fast food for the health conscious: Gostana has opened in a secluded lane of Bandra. pics/Kasmin Fernandes

Rommus and Garlic Bread (Rs 80)

We followed it up with a Soya Bean Burger (Rs 110-Rs 120), which was a vegetarian substitute for spicy minced meat. More like a humongous round sandwich made of brown bread in taste and appearance, the toothpick-tucked burgers are substantial for the price they come for. The only grouse fast food lovers may have is that they aren't crispy enough. Other options are ginger chicken, Indian chicken, lamb, fish and egg. Garlic bread that came with a kidney bean dip called Rommus (Rs 80) was healthy and non-greasy. The boys behind the counter stir up a decent Iced Tea (Rs 75). Even better is Lemon Lime Bitters (Rs 75). Made with five parts of lemonade, one part lime cordial and a few drops of bitters, the mocktail is a refreshing change from the cloyingly sweet beverages at coffee shops. There is also free Wi-fi for the laptop-happy, and dessert for the sweet toothed.

At: Shop No. 1, Sefa House, lane opposite Marca, New Kanthwadi Road, off Pali Mala Road, Bandra (W).
Call: 64533359

Gostana didn't know we were there. The Guide reviews anonymously and pays for meals

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