Recipe: Chef Kunal Kapur's Chocolate Souffle

Jan 05, 2014, 16:04 IST | SUNDAY MiD DAY Team

You have ushered the year 2014 with a bang, and are still reeling at the thought of going on a diet. Chef Kunal Kapur shares a Chocolate Souffle recipe for that one last indulgence

Chef Kunal Kapur loves to eat chocolate and work with it, too. “This recipe is inspired by a chocolate mousse made by an Italian chef that I had once tasted at a fancy restaurant. When it is cold outside, it’s extremely comforting to indulge yourself with some hot gooey moist chocolate. It is one of my favourite recipes as it can be made easily at home within a short span of time,” says Kapur.

Recipe: Chef Kunal Kapur's Chocolate Souffle
The Hot Chocolate Souffle takes 45 minutes to cook

Preparation Time:30 mins
Cooking Time: 12 minutes
Serves: 6

×30 g cocoa powder
×20 g cornflour
×20 g refined flour
×8 egg yolks
×200 g fine sugar
×600 ml milk
×10 ml egg white
×250 g dark chocolate
×Butter to grease
×Sugar to sprinkle

×Boil milk and 100 g sugar and keep aside. In a separate bowl add cocoa powder, corn flour and refined flour.
×Add egg yolks and make into a paste
×Add this paste to the milk and put it back on slow flame. Continue to whisk till it is thick and smooth. Remove from fire and keep separately
×Melt chocolate in an oven and add to the above mixture
×In a separate bowl, whisk 10 egg whites with balance sugar till stiff.
×Fold the egg whites in the above mixture very gently
×In small moulds apply semi soft butter on the inside and sprinkle some sugar so that it sticks to the sides
×Pour in the mixture in these moulds and bake in a preheated oven for 12 minutes for 180c
×Remove from the mould while its still hot and serve immediately

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