Restaurant review: Flavours of Italy in Navi Mumbai

Jan 19, 2015, 07:37 IST | Nevin Thomas

With its authentic fare, excellent service and cozy ambiance, Macchiato might be the best bet for Italian cuisine-craving folk in Navi Mumbai

Food: Authentic
Service: Above par
Ambiance: Classic, simple

Did you know that a mini-Italy exists in CBD Belapur? Before you wonder if it has anything to do with the mafia (read: the Corleone family), we are only referring to a delightful new Italian addition to Navi Mumbai's culinary map. Macchiato Pizzeria, Grill & Bar, specialises in Italian cuisine and turned out to be a refreshing break from the menus that masquerade as the real deal.

The Veg Paella had an Italian twist
The Veg Paella had an Italian twist

Macchiato's interiors were classy and understated. Their brick walls, dim lights and cozy sofas added comfort to the ambiance. The interiors comprised mostly kitchen tools and recipe books were pleasing to the eye. The restaurant had two sections, with ample space on each floor in case it got crowded. Unlike the region-specific cuisine, the music was upbeat with the latest popular tracks (brownie points for not playing the obvious Luciano Pavarotti). The bar offered a wide range of alcohol and the quintessential cocktails that you'd like to see in a café that wants to make you feel at home.

Macchiato’s interiors were classy
Macchiato's interiors were classy

We started the day's feast by ordering a plate of Tomato Bruschetta (Rs 199) and Fritto Misto Speziato (Rs 399). The Bruschetta was exciting, especially the combination of mozzarella cheese and olive oil wooing the taste buds with its arresting flavours. The Fritto Misto, which was a combination of fried fish, squid and prawns, was tangy and even more delicious with the paprika and coriander sauce that came along with it.

Italian Cheesecake
Italian Cheesecake

Next up, the Quattro Stagioni (Rs 449) arrived at our table. This thin-crust pizza however, did not do justice to its predecessors. The crust was soggy while the tomatoes, mushrooms and ham seemed to be at war instead of complementing each other. The Veg Paella (Rs 449) was an interesting dish (An Italian twist to this Spanish favourite), with a wide range of vegetables cooked well with rice, enough to let the flavours marry each other. But the surprise of the day was the dessert. The Italian Cheese Cake (Rs 349) with blueberry jam topping was delectable though the base was slightly on the saltier side.

he Fritto Misto Speziato combined fried squid, fish and prawn
he Fritto Misto Speziato combined fried squid, fish and prawn. Pics/Sameer Markande

The overall experience was pleasant and the service above par. Macchiato offers a warm and cozy escape for the people of Mumbai. The restaurant's vibrant ambiance makes it ideal for all occasions.


Time: 12 pm to 12.30 am
At: 8, Lords Building, Sector 15, Palm Beach Road, near Croma, CBD Belapur.
Call: 27591144
Macchiato didn't know we were there. the guide reviews anonymously and pays for its meals.

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