Restaurant Review: Global gastronomy in Vashi

Aug 24, 2015, 08:15 IST | Tanmoy Mitra

The Food Studio will need to iron out a few teething problems to make a positive impact on the already packed culinary scene on Vashi's Palm Beach Road

The Food Studio
Food: Good
Service: Quick
Ambiance: Warm 

We decided to figure what the buzz was about, when we learnt that another restaurant had set up shop on Palm Beach Road in Vashi. As soon as we stepped into The Food Studio (TFS), we noticed that the world-cuisine restaurant offered a spacious vibe, with two-levels of seating for diners.

Thai Basil Prawns
Thai Basil Prawns

The interiors were well-lit and the warehouse ambiance was hard to miss. The place was filled with diners and loud music blasting away in the background as a friendly staffer escorted us to our table. Surprisingly, many new-age eateries believe that in order to create a buzz among diners, loud music is the order of the day; this could be a big turnoff for those who would like to strike up a conversation over good food.

Chicken Jamli Kebab
Chicken Jamli Kebab

From the bar menu, after recommendations from the floor manager, we opted for a whiskey-based mint-julep cocktail (Rs 399) and the classic vodka concoction Sex on the Beach (Rs 399) prepared with a dash of green apple juice. However, the attempt to add twist to classic cocktails was not so successful; perhaps the bartender should have balanced the ingredients better.

Fusilli Alfredo Pasta
Fusilli Alfredo Pasta

The elaborate food menu was an assembly of world-cuisine comprising Indian, Italian, Asian, Mexican and other global dishes. For starters, we tried the chef-recommended Thai Basil Prawns (R289), Chicken Jamli Kebab (Rs 269) and a Garden Fresh Salad (Rs 100).

The prawns (stir-fried) were fresh and crunchy to the bite but the sauce topping had more salt to our liking. The Jamli Kebabs — boneless chunks of chicken marinated with spices, yogurt and traces of beetroot — turned out to be a big disappointment.

The chicken was stringy and the masala coating wasn't evenly spread over the meat, should have been grilled for a longer time. On the positive side, the portions served were generous and we were stuffed before we could hit the big dish section. For the mains, we chose a vegetarian Fusilli Alfredo pasta (Rs 239) tossed in white sauce with veggies.

It turned out to be a great dish and we had no problems polishing it off. We called it a day on a sweet note with a Mud Pie (Rs 169) that was served in a tall glass. All the hiccups in this new place could be termed as teething problems. It's a new place and we are willing to give them the benefit of doubt.

Time: 12 pm to 12 am
At: Sector 19, next to Satra Plaza, Palm Beach Road, Vashi, Navi Mumbai.
Call: 69934999

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