Nagpur cop's daughter raped and choked to death by friends

Sep 07, 2017, 08:35 IST | Faisal Tandel

Friends of the 22-year-old victim, who is the daughter of a Nagpur-based assistant sub-inspector, took turns raping her and killed her when she threatened to go to the cops

The duo confessed to the crimes in front of the police after dumping the woman's body
The duo confessed to the crimes in front of the police after dumping the woman's body

The 22-year-old daughter of a Nagpur-based assistant sub-inspector was brutally raped and killed on September 4 by two of her friends in Ambarnath. The duo confessed to their crime while they were heading towards Ratnagiri after dumping her body.

Hang out turns fatal
According to the police, the victim hailed from Nagpur and worked as an IT engineer with a Vikhroli-based firm. According to the police, accused Nikhilesh Patil, who also hails from Nagpur and was the woman's friend, had come to visit her on September 4 with his friend Nilesh in his car.

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"Patil took her to his friend Akshay Valode's residence in Ambarnath, telling her they were going to hang out there. Valode is also from Nagpur," said an official from the Shivaji Nagar police station. Nikhilesh and Akshay then took turns raping the girl. She told them she would go to the police and file a complaint against them. "Scared at the prospect of police arrest, the duo caught her mouth and strangled her to death. Later, they put the dead body in a bag and left after dumping it in a vehicle," the official added.

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Arriving to confess
Nilesh was waiting downstairs for the two. "Nilesh, who was unaware about the incident, got suspicious and started questioning Akshay and Nikhilesh after they stopped the vehicle midway to throw something. The scared duo narrated the ordeal to Nilesh," said Vinit Chaudhari, police inspector, Ratnagiri city police station.

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"They started thinking about the arrest and were trying to flee. But Nilesh told them they'd get arrested even if they tried to flee, so confessing to the crime now would be a better option. Since they were passing through the [police] headquarters, and saw the police station, they approached us and confessed to the crime. Nikhilesh and Akshay claim to have thrown the body near Kolhapur on the Pune-Belgaum route," said Chaudhari adding that they have made Nilesh the complainant in the case.

Accused arrested
"We have informed the Shivaji Nagar police in Ambarnath, who will further probe the case," added Chaudhari. "Both the accused have been arrested and further investigation is being carried out," said Parambir Singh, Thane police commissioner.

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