Sinful goodies at this Versova patisserie

Jan 18, 2015, 07:16 IST | Deepali Dhingra

There’s only one thing we would like to say about Petits Plaisirs Patisserie at Versova — it’s not good for your waistline. sunday mid-day goes for a tasting

The white picket fence looks welcoming, and so do the three white chairs and glass table inside Petits Plaisirs Patisserie, the one month-old dessert and bakery shop at Versova. We stare hungrily at the shelves lined with pastries, tarts, macarons and pralines. Spoilt for choice, we pick an assortment of goodies. Did they deliver on flavour? Here is our verdict:

Lemon Chocolate Tart and Ni-de Petit Gateaux

Lemon Chocolate Tart and Ni-de Petit Gateaux

Lemon Chocolate Tart (Rs 95): Chocolate tarts and lemon tarts are so equally tempting that having to choose one over the other is tough. The Lemon Chocolate Tart, which combines both flavours, solves this issue for us. While the lemon portion tastes sweet, the slightly bitter chocolate balances it out. Well done, we say.

Almond Burrin and Mixed Fruit Chocolate (Rs 50 each): The shredded bits of almond in the Almond Burrin lend a nice, crunchy texture to this praline, while the slightly sweet Mixed Fruit Chocolate is worth every bite. An extra brownie point for the chocolate in the pralines — it is smooth and creamy.

Baked Lemon Cheesecake (Rs 115): Weak in flavour, the Baked Lemon Cheesecake does not impress. We close our eyes after taking a bite to let the flavour sink in but, sadly, it never does.

Apricot Chocolate Cake (Rs 95): Moist and gooey, this one’s for the true chocolate lover. There’s a delightful hint of apricot, but mostly, it’s the dense pastry we focus on. After a 30-second spin in the microwave, the melted chocolate tastes like heaven.

Orange Macarons and Caramel Macarons (Rs 40 each): The orange and caramel fillings in the macarons hit the bulls-eye when it comes to flavour. Unfortunately, the macaron shells are too sweet. The texture, too, isn’t up to the mark as it’s too flaky.

Orange Chocolate Bomb (Rs 95): We store the Orange Chocolate Bomb in the fridge overnight, but it is still moist the next morning. Like the Apricot Chocolate Cake, here too, the orange flavour is delicious, but it’s the creamy, chocolate cake that really woos us.

Opera Petit Gateux (Rs 95): The French pastry, with its layers of chocolate ganache, sponge cake and coffee buttercream, has us from the word go. Soft, yet and biscuit-y, we can’t stop till its over.

Ni-De Petit Gateux (Rs 95): Its unusual shape is not its USP, its texture is. This is an extremely creamy and soft dessert, with a caramelish centre that makes us wish we had picked up more pieces of this pastry for the road.

Hazelnut brownie (Rs 89): We have this right at the end and we happily find out that we have, by a delicious fluke, saved the best for the last. The brownie is moist, delicious and almost perfect. The hazelnut bits on top add to the texture of the brownie. This one’s on top of our list when we visit Petits next. Will we visit Petits again? That’s a no-brainer — yes, we absolutely will. While there were a few misses, such as the cheesecake and the macarons, the rest make up for it with its texture and delightful flavours.

Petits plaisirs patisserie
At: Shop no 2, Gwalior House, JP Road, 7 Bungalows, Versova, Andheri West
Service: Helpful
Food: Sinful
Ambiance: Bright and cheerful
Call: 32987578

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