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Oct 02, 2013, 10:08 IST | Vinitha Ramchandani

In a calorie-conscious city, Dumpling King and its fare has great potential, however apart from the lightly flavoured soups that it offers, it needs to work on its menu, especially its dumplings

Tiny, yellow and with an aroma that’s distinctly Chinese, Dumpling King — the new outlet, off Bandra’s buzzing Carter Road, is a takeaway place. Three wooden high chairs against a board on the wall are your only place to sit and/or eat. The menu offers rice, soup, noodles, and yes, dumplings. From the soups we tried Vegetarian Noodle Soup (`100); Chicken Dumpling Soup (`130) along with Vegetarian Clear Soup (`50).

The portions sufficed for one; we liked the hot and light texture. When a place is named after dumplings, one would expect the focus to be on it. Not quite.

These dumplings were small and dark. We ordered for a bucket of Mixed Dumplings (`400) that served 40 pieces. We couldn’t differentiate between mixed vegetarian and tofu paneer dumplings. The fillings were very finely chopped — and both tasted the same. The Chilli Chicken Dumplings (`140/ 8 pieces) tasted better. It would’ve helped if the dumpling jackets were thinner.

Coming to the mains, there isn’t much to choose from: rice and noodles in vegetarian and chicken versions. Not recommended. In typical takeaway style, steamed rice was dumped into a box with a mush of gooey veggies on top. The veggies were overcooked and had lost colour.

By the time we reached home the noodles had clogged into an instant noodle-like mass, and the rice was lumpy. Tastewise, the Yam Noodle (`130) and Vegetarian Rice (`130) were okay. Served in cheery yellow paper and plastic containers, with kimchi salad; each portion feeds just one. Our order took 12 minutes. Though, home delivery will start in 3 weeks.

At Gagangiri Building, off Carter Road, Bandra (W). call Yet to commence
Dumpling King didn’t know we were there. The Guide reviews anonymously and pays for meals. 

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