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May 15, 2015, 08:05 IST | The Guuide Team

Gus Unger Hamilton (keyboards/vocals) of English Indie Rock band, alt-J, speaks to Dhara Vora ahead of their performance at Emerge Music Festival in Mumbai

Q. We don't think any international artiste/band has come back to India this soon after their first gig. What was your reaction to India being back on your schedule?
A. It was a surprise to find that we had so many fans in India. We're delighted to be back for Emerge Music Festival.

(From left) Thom Green, Joe Newman and Gus Unger-Hamilton of alt-J
(From left) Thom Green, Joe Newman and Gus Unger-Hamilton of alt-J 

Q. The band has always stayed away from excessive publicity and media interactions. Now that you are two albums and several huge gigs old, has the comfort level to the public glare changed?
A. Yes. We are more comfortable now.

Q. Has the three-member transition changed things for the band after nearly a year of the album release?
A. It was a surprise when Gwil (Sainsbury) left the band. We struggled with the news initially. However, we had no time to sit about, as the second album needed to be made, and I think that finding we could do this as a trio helped us get over his departure. I don't think his exit changed the sound of the band. However, I do miss his presence on tour as we were (and are) all best friends.

Q. How far along is the next album? Or any single?
A. We aim to finish this tour, take some time off and see what's next.

Q. A surprising addition in your new album was Miley Cyrus. Can you tell us of any other artiste from a different genre who people might not identify your music with, but would be your dream
A. No such plans.

Q. Is there something that you wished to do on your first trip to India and couldn't do but plan to experience now?
A. It was awesome to visit India; we can't wait to return. This time I'd like to try more food and also take more photos.

On May 22, 7 pm onwards
At Richardson and Cruddas, Byculla.
Log on to www.mera events.com/event/emerge-festival-mumbai

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