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Want to stay connected with your gadgets no matter where you are? Then heare are six power bank options to choose from

Honor Powerbank AP007

Honor Power
Rs 1,399

Capacity: 13,000 mAh;
Output Ports: two;
Output: USB1 (5V, 2A); USB2 (NA);
Conversion Ratio (APPROX): 57%
Battery type: Lithium Ion

What’s it for
Recharge your phone and tablet while on the go. Huawei promises four full recharges of iPhone 6 (with battery capacity of 1,850 mAh), which means you can get roughly 7,400 mAh recharge capacity through this power bank. This makes it close to the average 65% offered by most powerbanks. However, the AP007 allows you charge both the power bank and your phone at the same time. The device comes with over-discharge and over-charge protection, short-circuit protection and high temperature protection (also available in other devices listed here).

What’s it not for
Trek to the Himalayan mountain ranges. It has a conversion ratio (the actual recharge capacity of the battery) of 57%, so, if you are planning to spend a month in the wilderness and still wish to stay connected with friends; ensure you carry at least 10 of these with you.

Mi Powerbank 5200

Mi Powerbank 5200
Rs 599

Capacity: 5,200 mAh;
Output Ports: two;
Output: USB1 (5V, 2A); USB 2 (5V, 1.5A);
Conversion Ratio (APPROX): Up to 85%
Battery type: Lithium Polymer

What’s it for
Overnight stays away from civilisation. Small and portable, the Mi Powerbank comes with very high efficiency rate, and can easily recharge a 3,000 mAH battery to full. However, you may still have some juice left for the last-second power crisis situations. It’s also lightweight, at just 222 grams, and for R599, is easy on the pocket.

What’s it not for
Any adventure that includes going to a place where you might have to stay without electricity for over 48 hours.

Asus ZenPower (ABTU005)

Ra 1,499 onwards

Capacity: 10,050 mAh;
Output Ports: two;
Output: USB1 (5V, 2.4A); USB 2 (NA);
Conversion Ratio (APPROX): up to 60%
Battery type: NA

What’s it for
Full boost in a short time, and all weekend getaways on planet Earth. Asus Zenpower comes with 2.4A Quick Charge, which means, it takes less time to recharge your phone. The powerbank also weighs less at 215 grams. It can recharge your iPhone 6 fully thrice, and still have some left for a mini power boost. There are also colourful silicon cases (sold separately) that add extra protection and style to it. Must-have for the style conscious.

What’s it not for
Interplanetary travels and excursions.

Ambrane P-1310

Rs 1,149

Capacity:  13,000 mAh;
Output Ports: Two;
Output: USB1 (5V, 2.1A); USB2 (5V, 1A);
Conversion Ratio (APPROX):Up to 70%
Battery type: Lithium Ion

What’s it for
Light your way during a night trek as well as charge your phone at the same time. The Ambrane P-1310 is our second favourite in powerbanks, both in price as well as usability and final output. We have seen the device offering nearly 70% conversion rate, which is better than most other chargers in the list. However, charging can be a bit slow in some devices.

What’s it not for
To replace your indoor lighting.

Photon Wi-Fi Max Duo

Rs 2,899

Capacity: 4,400 mAh;
Output Ports: one;
Output: NA;
Conversion Ratio (APPROX): NA
Battery type: Lithium Polymer

What’s it for
Carry your Wi-fi wherever you go, and also recharge your smart phone. This wonder device from Tata Photon is a portable Wi-fi hotspot that offers connectivity with Tata Docomo’s 3G Internet network as well as comes packed with 4,400 mAh battery that can be used to recharge your smart phone. You can connect upto five devices to the Wi-Fi Hotspot, But that’s not all, there’s a Micro SD card slot as well that can be used as a portable cloud. So, if you are looking for a fast (average 1.2 mbps) Wi-fi hotspot that can also recharge your smart phone, there’s no need to look any further.

What’s it not for
To make phone calls, and replace your mobile data plan with Tata Photon Max Wi-fi Duo.

Waaree solar powerbank

Rs 2,499

Capacity: 5,000 mAh;
Output Ports: two;
Output: USB1 (5V, 2A); USB2 (5V, 1A);
Conversion Ratio (APPROX):: NA
Battery type:  Lithium Polymer

What’s it for
Rough outdoor travels — hiking, camping and road trips. This powerbank will last you through any journey as long as there’s sunshine around. The solar-powered powerbank comes with a 5,00 mAh battery, which is sufficient to give your smart phone (with 3,000 mAh battery) a full recharge and keep your tablet alive a tad longer. In case you drop it in water, or on the floor — it will still be working. And, it’s green.

What’s it not for
Underwater lighting, Indian monsoon, and during winter in the North Pole.

NOTE: There are some other chargers like OnePlus’s 10,000 mAh powerbank and Xiaomi’s 10,400 mAH powerbank  that we would have loved to include in this list, but were unable to do so due to their unavailability in India. Also, worth exploring are Exilient’s inductive/magnetic (wireless) charging powerbanks for devices that support wireless charging.

Available at: All, and (Photon Wi-Fi Max Duo is avialble at Tata Docomo outlets)

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First Published: 02 July, 2015 13:50 IST

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