The food at Bandra's Wild Side Cafe is finger-licking good!

Jul 07, 2013, 05:13 IST | Dhiman Chattopadhyay

Owned by the Serpis family, the new Wild Side Cafe in Bandra is already running to a packed house. Taste their Hungarian goulash, Bison wings or the vegetarian Monkey Nuts and you will know why. The owners also host a barbeque on Wednesday and Saturday evenings at the premises. Need we say more?

When Milford and Lorraine Serpis decided to shut their popular cold storage sometime back, Bandra mourned. But not for long. Last month, the East Indian couple along with their sons Khayden and Jaron, opened Wild Side Cafe at the same location, serving delectable grills, burgers, steaks and juices.

When we walk in on a Saturday afternoon, it’s still a little early for lunch, but the small eatery is almost full (they have just about half a dozen tables with half of them outdoors). It’s raining off and on and we settle down at a table that won’t get us wet. Lorraine takes our order as the sons get busy serving the food and handling the cash register.

The menu looks interesting and the names of the dishes have been carefully thought out, though vegetarians be warned -- some of the stuff might sound offensive to you. After all Hog-in-a-bull does sound a bit scary. So we promptly order it along with a portion of Hungarian Goulash, a Veg exotica and a Cowboy burger.

While we wait for our order to arrive, we sip on a Monkey on hot bricks! Trust me you will never have a carrot juice that’s this nice. Actually they cheat a little and this concoction also has fresh orange, apple and lemon juice in it. But at R 100, it’s a pretty cool drink.

Steak at Wild Side Cafe

The Veg Exotica (Rs 150) comes first and since we are hungry just smelling the aroma coming from the kitchen, we finish it in no time. It’s nice, crispy and goes well as an appetizer. Now we are ready for the real stuff.

The Hog-in-a-bull arrives in style -- a large chunk of steak surrounded by mashed potatoes and grilled veggies. But hang on. It’s not just another piece of meat. This is bacon and cheese wrapped in a steak. Ah so now we know why “hog in a bull”! We try to be delicate, but heck we are starving and this is soft, juicy and yum. At Rs 290 this is a steal. As is the Hungarian goulash (Rs 290). The meat pieces are well marinated and soft and the gravy goes well with even a simple piece of bread.

We are impressed with the chef’s skills. This guy knows his goulash and his bulls. There are bison wings and smoking dogs too on the menu and monkey nuts for herbivores but we ask for a Cowboy Burger (Rs 170) and a Prawn Chilli Toast (Rs 120) to be packed. That’s our evening meal at work today folks. And before we forget, Wild Side opens at 8 am for breakfast (ham, eggs and bacon with coffee anyone) and stays open till 10 am.

On Wednesdays and Saturdays, the family hosts a barbeque at the restaurant where char grilled and barbequed chicken legs and mashed potatoes are all yours for a mere R 150. This place rocks.

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