The magic of mixing and matching

Jun 27, 2012, 11:08 IST | Ruchika Kher

Hariom Natural Juice Centre is a popular hangout in Mumbai

Nothing refreshes better than a glass of juice, and while most of us are familiar with single fruit juices, Hariom Natural Juice Centre will introduce you to the magic of mixing and matching. The 20-year-old juice stall, quenches the thirst of nearly 250 people everyday, and leaves them asking for more of its interesting mixes.

The juice that is the current chart-topper, and one that also garners a lot of attention, is the Dragon Delight. Made from Kiwi and a fruit called Dragon (it is imported from Thailand), this juice, which costs Rs 90 per glass, is a hot favourite. “The other favourites include Tarana (kiwi with pineapple and sweet lime) and Green Cool (green apple mixed with sweet lime, ginger, mint and lemon),” informed server Suresh Kumar. Here’s your ticket to a healthy, tasty recharger, any time of the day. 

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