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Sep 18, 2012, 08:16 IST | Kartiki Nitin Lawate

With an increasing number of girls from the city making a mark in the modelling industry, The Guide speaks to a few of them to find out the dos and dont's of modelling

Modelling may seem to be a glamorous profession, but models in the city reveal that there is a lot of struggle and hard work one has to do to create a niche for themselves.

Sonia Sinha
Model Sonia Sinha

Khushi Rajput, who was the first runners up at a recently held beauty pageant, believes that regular dieting and exercise is the key to become a good model.

Rajput, who has started her journey in the modelling world, recently, soon hopes to join the likes of Gauhar Khan and Mughda Ghodse, who are from the city and have made a name in the modelling industry.

The industry grabs a lot of attention as it is glamorous and offers a lot of fame and money, but these girls add that it is also a competitive industry with as much rejection and heart break as any other industry.

For those who really want to make it big in the industry there are certain things that they can do to make their dream come true. Rajput reveals that she used to go to the gym regularly for workout. She also observed a strict diet.

Khushi Rajput
Model Khushi Rajput

According to her, one must eat salad twice a day, drink only toned milk, eat chapptis once a day, and avoid rice completely. “Eat oats or something made of whole wheat in the morning.

Hair spa is very important. Go for a hair spa once in a month, oil hair twice a week and also wash it regularly to keep it healthy. Avoid junk food, cheese balls, oily food etc. Sleep for at least 6-7 hours. Drink lots of water to keep your skin healthy and glowing,” she advises.

Sonia Sinha, who is an upcoming model from the city said that modelling needs a lot of hard work. “One needs to practice every day to walk well with stilettos. You must enjoy the camera and glamour. This profession is fun as well as adventurous if you like it,” she says.

She added that one must avoid junk food, eat lot of proteins, drink lot of water and of course concentrate on the ramp. Rajput pointed out that on the ramp one must walk with full confidence and should wear the right kind of shoes.  

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