This Mumbai photojournalist will show you how to perfect a visual narrative

Jul 03, 2016, 11:16 IST | Benita Fernando

Spend the day with photojournalist Fawzan Husain, who’ll show you how to perfect a visual narrative

Ever felt like you were taking a picture, but not technically, taking a good photograph? That your phone kind of gobbled up everything that came its way, but didn’t quite savour the moment? “Instead of shooting randomly, you could focus on making personal stories come alive,” says self-taught photojournalist Fawzan Husain.

Fawzan Husain
Fawzan Husain

Having worked formerly with mid-day and writing two books on Mumbai and Bollywood, Husain will conduct a daylong workshop on street photography in mid-July. While the city is buzzing with street photography trips, this workshop, titled Framing Narratives Through Your Lens, could be a chance to hone narrative strategies. “You could shoot your pet or your grandfather as you build a visual story,” says Husain, who has also delivered a TEDx talk on ‘Rediscovering Photography’.

Husain draws from his body of work as reference. He cites an example from the time when, as a newlywed couple, he and his wife moved from Mumbai Central to Goregaon. “Earlier a South Mumbai resident, after the shift I suddenly found myself commuting daily on trains. My observations became an exhibition in 2001 titled Bombay’s Lifeline: Tracks,” he says. Again delving into his life, he talks of his wedding, which was wisely organised as part of a mass-marriage ceremony “in order to save money for our home.” The life-event drew his interest towards mass marriages, which after scouring the whole of India, resulted in an exhibition in 2003 at the National Centre for Performing Arts (NCPA).

The workshop is meant for all types of photographers.

Where: Essar House, 11 KK Marg, Mahalaxmi
When: 10 AM – 4 PM, July 16
Entry: Rs 750 (including lunch)
Call: 9769937710

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