Viral Video: 11-year-old girl dances to Vidya Balan's Mere Dholna on one leg

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In the viral video, the girl, who lost her one leg due to cancer danced to Vidya Balan's iconic song Mere Dholna at an event in Kolkata

A screengrab of the video
A screengrab of the video

We all need some inspiration every now and then and a viral video of a 11-year-old girl's dance performance on Vidya Balan's Mere Dholna is doing exactly the same. The video was shared on Facebook and went viral in no time. In the video, a young girl can been seen putting up a brilliant performance during a medical conference in Kolkata.

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The video has left netizens all the more inspired and motivated. In the viral video, the young girl, identified as Anjali, is seen tapping her feet to Shreya Ghoshal's hit number Mere Dholna Sunn from Akshay Kumar's 2007 film Bhool Bhulaiyaa. The viral dance video of Anjali has left netizens in awe.

The video was shared by Dr Arnab Gupta, who attended the medical conference in Kolkata and recorded Anjali's inspirational performance, on Facebook. In the video, Anjali, who is dressed in a red and blue lehenga choli, can be seen performing difficult Kathak steps and 'chakkars' to the beats of the song as she danced with much ease while the audience cheered for her.

Watch the inspirational dance performance here:

While sharing the video, Dr Arnab said that Anjali, who had dreamt of becoming a great dancer lost her left leg at the age of 11 to cancer. He further said that by performing at the Surgical Oncology Conference Inauguration, Anjali sent a strong message to all on how to face cancer with grit even at her age. Dr Gupta concluded his post by saying that Anjali will always an inspiration to him.

The video, which was shared nearly two weeks ao has garnered over 2 lakh views and nearly four thousand likes. The video was shared by netizens nearly three thousand times. In no time, people took to the post and shared their views about it.

After watching the video, one user wrote, "Super performance. Mind blowing" while another user said, "You are such an inspiration to all... may you keep shining." Few users also said that the video is so much inspiration that they watched it multiple times. While several others applauded Anjali for her immense courage and posted heart emoticons in the comments section of the post.

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