World's first lab-grown burger costs USD 325k

Jul 18, 2013, 15:15 IST | ANI

A burger entirely made up of lab-grown meat can set you back by 325,000 dollars

The unusual price of the burger is actually the funding that vascular physiologist, Mark Post, from the University of Maastricht, got for his research for growing meat in a lab, Discovery News reported.

Representational picture

For his endeavour, Post harvested stem cells from slaughterhouses’ wastes.

He then added nutrients to them, which resulted in them growing into muscle tissue, which he then stretched out to ‘exercise’ and to keep from atrophying.

As the meat does not have any blood, it lacks in colour.

The strips that have been grown in the lab are only an inch or so long and are very thin but packing them together makes a reasonable meat patty.

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