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The sun has gone easy on the eyes, there's a nip in the air, and with the media hammering about Valentine's Day, romance is mixed in too. It's the perfect scene to set up your barbeque grill, beFore summer arrives. The GUIDE invited some of the city's restaurants, popular For their barbecued delights, to share their secret recipes. We've made things simpler too now, you can get skewed into things, with your own barbecue set

Anjali Peswani, Nutritionist and Food Consultant

Why barbecuing food is good
“Barbeque, if done the right way, can actually work as a low- calorie way of cooking, as the nutrients are not lost, completely. The added cream, cheese, batter and basting (coating with a brush or liquid poured over with a spoon) of butter increases the fat content. Also, if it has more spices, it has more fat in it as you need additional oil or butter to blend the spices well. So, if you are calorie-conscious, ask your chef to skip the basting, as the marinade and the juices of the meat are sufficient to add flavours to the dish.”


Toasty feta kebabs (vegetarian)
One of the first city eateries to offer the thrill of barbequing at the table, Barbeque Nation’s recipe will be a hit with veggie readers.

Pack of reduced fat feta cheese (cut into 8 chunks) 200 gms
French stick, cut into bite-sized chunks 1/2
Cherry tomatoes 8
Lemon (zested and halved lengthwise) 1
Chopped sprigs of rosemary 2
Olive oil 1 tbsp
Wooden skewers 4
 Heat the grill to high.
* Cut one lemon half into wedges, and slice the other half.
* Thread a piece of the bread onto a skewer, then a piece of feta, a lemon slice and a cherry tomato.
* Repeat, then finish with a piece of bread.
* Apply this on three more skewers and place kebabs onto a baking tray.
* Sprinkle over the zest and rosemary then drizzle it with oil. Grill kebabs For 1-2 mins on each side until feta is browned. Serve with lemon wedges.

Kakori kebabs
Try the Indian version of barbequing with Kakori Kebabs, believed to be the world’s softest kebab. Chef Ishtiyaque Qureshi of famous Kakori House reveals his secret recipe.

Mince meat (from leg without any white ligaments) 1 kg
Raw papaya paste 100 gms
Kidney fat 100 gms
Salt to taste
Kakori Masala (A) (ROAST & MAKE POWDER)
Green Cardamom 10 pieces
Black Cardamom Seeds
1/2 tsp
Clove 5 nos
Nutmeg 1 pinch
Mace 1 small blade
Shahi Jeera 1/2 tsp
Rose Petal 1 tsp
Kebab Chini 10 pieces
White Pepper 1/2 tsp
Kashmiri Mirch 1 tbsp
Yellow Chilli 1/2 tsp
Roasted Gram Powder 100 gms
Kakori Masala (B)
(MAKE Paste)
Desiccated Coconut 50 gms
Khuskhus 10 gms
Khoya 50 gms
Onion (Sliced & fried)
100 gms
Cashewnut 25 gms
Fresh Malai 100 gms
Saffron 1 gm
Rose Water 2 tbsp
Kewda Water 2 tbsp

* Mince meat and fat thrice to a very fine consistency.
* Add papaya paste, salt and powder masala (A). Mix well with both hands, add masala paste (B) along with rose water, kewda water and saffron. Mix thoroughly and keep For half an hour.
* Clean and wipe skewers. Take a portion of mince mixture and put on skewers evenly, in a round shape-like seekh kebab.
* Roast on charcoal grill. Remove carefully from skewers.
* Serve with green chutney. It goes well with Sheermal.

Barbequed fish
Barbequing sea food is a tad difficult due to the texture and density of the meat. But when done the right way, the marinade and the grilling will help add a lovely crisp exterior to the meat. One of the few waterfront restaurants in the city, Corniche, shares its recipe For Barbequed Fish from it’s live barbeque section.

Ghol fish (cleaned, de-boned / cut into slices of 50-60 gms each) 6 to 7 pieces
For the Marinade
Red chilly paste 10 gms
Garlic (chopped) 5 gms
Coriander (chopped) 2 gms
Orange juice 20 ml
Lemon juice 10 ml
Cracked black pepper 1 gm
Roasted cumin seed (pounded course) 5 gms
Refined oil 20 ml
Fresh Thyme (chopped) 1 gm
Salt to taste
Red onion remoulade dip
Shallots (chopped) 10 gms
Red wine vinegar 15 ml
Mayonnaise 30 gms
Parsley (chopped) 1 gm
Lemon juice 5 ml
Capers (chopped) 2 gms
Fresh cream 10 ml

* Pour oil into a bowl and add the Ingredients, one by one, and mix well; on the other, hand, wash the fish chunks / slices and pat it dry with a clean, dry cloth.
* Apply the marinade onto the fish pieces and refrigerate For at least 20 to 30 minutes, For the fish to absorb it.
* On a hot barbeque set, apply oil and lay the fish pieces to cook to level required. Baste with melted butter and sprinkle lemon juice, if required.
* Immerse the chopped shallots into the red wine vinegar till the vinegar is completely absorbed.
* Take all the
Ingredients, mix with mayo, and serve.

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