Your car just got safer

May 26, 2014, 10:16 IST | The Guide Team

Now, ensure your valuables are safe while travelling with Motormate, a car safe that lets you store electronic devices, tablets, credit cards, cash and other valuables

If you are alarmed by the reports of car thefts, there is relief around the corner. Godrej Security Solutions has introduced India’s first car safe — Motormate, which will help you secure your valuables on the move.

It is ideal for storing small electronic devices, cash, wallets or keys, while you travel, or when you have to leave your car unmanned at a public place or in the parking lot. The safe is easy to secure and portable (it weighs 1.38 kg and measures 8.3"x6"x2.7").

Apart from being easy to secure and portable, the safe allows space for a wire to pass through, so you can charge your mobile, camera and other electronic gadgets. It is also compact to ensure that it can be hidden in various secret places inside a car. It can accommodate your mobile, camera, keys, wallets, cash, credit cards as well as detachable car stereo. It has a soft case that protects the valuables from physical damage. It can be used in cars, SUVs and trucks.

Motormate is a car safe that helps you keep your valuables safe when you travel

What’s better: it’s more secure than the glove box too. The glove box in the car is usually in a fixed area making it an easy target for thieves to break into. Motormate has a mechanical key lock and a steel cable for connection. The safe can be strapped to the seat so that it can be secured. Since it is portable, it can be easily hidden inside the car making it difficult for thieves to spot it.

Available at Godrej Security Solutions outlets, car accessory shops, and online portals
Cost '2,499

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