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Dianabol Steroids: Dbol Pills cycle, Dosage, Side effects, before and after Results

Updated on: 30 September,2022 05:05 PM IST  |  Mumbai
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To review Dianabol, a reviewer must have gathered facts from different aspects of bodybuilders which is not just limited to the professional ones.

Dianabol Steroids: Dbol Pills cycle, Dosage, Side effects, before and after Results

Dbol before and after results are exceptional, but Dbol side effects are another excuse to stop its use and replace it with legal steroids instead. Click Here to Buy Dianabol Pills

Steroids are anabolic components that are used to treat a wide range of medical conditions. At first, Testosterone injections were sold as steroids but then Dianabol or Dbol pills became the most sensational icon in the bodybuilding world. 

Still, Dianabol is being used by thousands of bodybuilders worldwide and it’s still banned in the US apart from medical treatment. 

What is Dianabol Steroid?

Dianabol is a notorious performance enhancer for bodybuilders and anabolic steroids for healthcare professionals. It’s a derivative of testosterone hormone which was extracted after 17CAA group methylation. Dbol is the most used performance-enhancing drug in the 21st century it was abused by many celebrities including actors, singers, and sportsmen and it was endorsed for its remarkable before and after results. 

Upon its arrival in the market, the Dianabol steroid was used by professional wrestlers and bodybuilders with testosterone stacks. That’s because Dianabol exhibits such anabolic property which kick-starts muscle synthesis shortly after the intake. Dbol is an oil-based steroid that is mostly taken by injection method and the cycle runs for 3 weeks max. You can witness Dbol pills results within just 3 days as your muscle mass will be considerably bulkier than before.

Dbol Cycle

Oral Dbol pills are taken for 3 weeks only in an 8-12 week cycle, this is to kick start or stimulate some of the mechanisms which have usually slow onset. 

Dbol cycle is often done for building muscle mass which sort of hints at the bulking cycle. That’s because Dianabol steroid offer some unimaginable gains and its oral form is more effective than other steroids in injectables. Dbol steroid results in a dramatic change in body size and the results also depend on the duration of the cycle. 

Dbol cycle is performed for mid-cycle plateau which accelerates or boosts muscle synthesis while it has been minimal for some time. It’s a point where users are going through a slow muscle gain phenomenon that needs to be progressed via using the additional anabolic mixture. Instead of performing a bodybuilding cycle that provides little or no gain, people used to add Dianabol in their cycle to boost the body's power to pick up some instant lean mass and strength.

Using Dbol in the cycle for straight 8 or 12 weeks can result in hepatotoxicity which users may not want to experience. Dbol is also used alongside other steroids like Tren which works as a versatile drug for teaming these compounds for advanced and pronounced results.

How to Take Dbol Pills

For best results, taking 30-50 mg of Dbol pills for 4 weeks is safer. Exceeding the 4 weeks or either its dose cause liver damage which may or may not be reversible. 

If you are doing Dianabol only cycle, then the quantity should be minimized while increasing cycle length. Around 10-15mg Dbol per day for 4-6 weeks is recommended. Taking Dianabol for more than 6 weeks is strictly prohibited by fitness experts. 

Dbol Pills Before and After Results

How much weight will you gain with Dianabol? Well, Dbol pills are not ordinary compound but it has some strong anabolic effects which lead to faster results.

To ease the read, we have the list of Dianabol results before and after 8 weeks. 

a. Dianabol Results after 1 Week are not negligible; around 1.8-3.5 kgs of muscle gain is expected with marked strength levels. Dbol pills results within only 7 days is what makes other people use this steroid for an entire cycle length. 

b. Dianabol Results after 2 Weeks involved 3-6 kgs of muscle gain with a muscular physique. You can count on an aggressive workout because of the marked strength in every muscle of your body. 

c. Dianabol Results after 4 Weeks: Dbol pills cycle of 4 weeks have some definite body-changing effects, a whole physical transformation is seen after working out at the gym for a month. You can expect to gain over 20 lbs of lean weight without having the side effects of Dianabol. 

d. Dianabol steroid results after 8 weeks start with feeling good at the gym. The intensity in physical performance is common now and a person will stand with 28-35 lbs heavier muscles. Dbol results also depend on so many other factors like your age, training style, dietary regimen, and whether you are a newbie or professional would also pose slight changes in your results. 

Dbol Side Effects

Dbol cycle is associated with some true and dreadful side effects. Sure you will get the mud when you pray for the rain, risks performing Dbol cycle are:

1. High Blood Pressure

Within 30 days of the Dbol cycle, normal blood pressure rises which can be overcome by taking a healthy diet and stopping steroid use. In some cases, the issue of bloating due to the Dbol cycle is subsided by taking antacids. 

2. Gynecomastia

Men begin to develop extra breast tissues that look like female breasts. The condition is called Gynecomastia and this is what Dianabol aggravates even further if you don’t quit the cycle. Gynecomastia is primarily the side effect of Dianabol which is seen rarely with other steroids. 

3. Testosterone Suppression

Dianabol steroid has a particularly decreasing effect on normal testosterone levels. During or after Dbol cycle, many users noticed testosterone suppression which stays for more than months if left untreated. Studies confirm only 15 mg Dianabol dose is able to trigger testosterone suppression which can be severe in higher doses. Dianabol in many cases is taken with an exogenous testosterone compound to reduce the intensity of such risks while keeping the gains maintained. 

4. High Cholesterol Levels

Dbol cycle exacerbates high cholesterol levels in users who had previous normal HDL profiles. This is what Dbol affects the most; normal HDL levels are increased considerably which put risks to cardiovascular health. People who have a history of hyperlipidemia must not use Dbol pills. 

5. Liver Damage

Dianabol is a toxic compound for the liver and its high dosing can be very fatal to the liver tissues. Regular consumption of Dianabol reduces the potency of liver muscles and increases the chances of liver cirrhosis.

Dianabol Pills for Sale

In 2022, many people are serious about the Dbol cycle but they also add anti-estrogen drugs while using it. Aromatase inhibitors of many types are considered the best option alongside the Dianabol cycle.

There are currently online sources that sell Dbol pills but it’s hard to get them if you don’t have a prescription. Better to seek a doctor’s consultation or bodybuilder's opinion about whether should you be using Dianabol steroid or not.

Dbol pills are considered safer than Dbol injections because of less harm done to the liver and healthy testosterone levels. You cannot find Dbol pills for sale as they are strictly available for treating medical-related conditions only. 

Summary – Dbol Pills for Sale Before and After Results

If you are eager to use Dbol pills for bodybuilding, you have to break some laws. Methandrostenolone is hard to get without a prescription and while they added Dianabol to the schedule substance list there may be some reason behind it. Whatever these reasons are, we have stated some valid claims about Dianabol steroid and how it’s NOT the best type of supplement you should be using. 

Dbol steroid is available for sale on the black market and these markets are generally dangerous and illegal. Many unverified labs and untested compound dealers selling Dianabol injections to naïve users who didn’t do any homework regarding Dbol pills dangers. 

Whatever your priorities and preferences are, know that Dianabol steroid is not legal and it’s not available unless you meet the requirements for using it. Bodybuilding freaks have used Dbol pills for decades and we don’t find traces of them since they have been dead for a long time. Notable bodybuilders who used Dianabol in their prime days are also fighting against the side effects of the anabolic steroids. 

Dbol FAQs

Q1: Is Dianabol Safe?

No. As with other steroids, Dianabol presents many health risks and can be particularly hard on the liver. Some people may experience milder side effects than other people do but no steroid should ever be considered safe.

Q2: Can women use Dianabol?

Although some female athletes use Dbol, doing so is a bad idea. Although Dbol's androgenic rating is lower than testosterone, it still has the potential to cause women to develop masculine traits such as facial hair. It may also produce unfavorable changes to the clitoris.

Q3: How fast are the Dbol gains?

Dbol is a fast-acting steroid that can provide muscle gains of 5-10 pounds in as little as two weeks and up to 28 pounds by the end of a 6-week cycle.

However, let's not forget this steroid can also cause water retention. Athletes who experience this type of reaction may find their true level of muscle gain is not quite as good as their scales make it appear.


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