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In conversation with artist Praggya Sammor

Updated on: 12 December,2023 06:50 PM IST  |  MUMBAI
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We are fortunate to find one such person who transitioned from a career in fashion to becoming an artist and painter through self-learning.

In conversation with artist Praggya Sammor

Praggya Saamor

In the era of name and fame, connecting yourself to the artist Praggya Sammor makes it extremely challenging to pursue your dreams and make different choices, especially by leaving a well-established career in one industry for another. However, only a few individuals possess the courage to challenge traditional paths and pursue their dreams. We are fortunate to find one such person who transitioned from a career in fashion to becoming an artist and painter through self-learning. Pragya Sammor represents human emotions through her art

  • What led you to pursue a career as an artist, and how would you describe the significance of art in your life?

Around 12 or 13 years ago, my journey into art unfolded in the midst of a tough time following my father's passing. I was a fashion designer, doing quite well, when my daughter suggested painting as a way to cope with my struggles. It wasn't just a career choice back then, just a suggestion that would soon alter the course of my life. Little did I know, that transition from fashion to canvas would ignite a profound artistic path, one that I had no idea would become my livelihood.

Art, for me, isn't just a career; it's a lifeline. It's my source of inner strength, peace, and overwhelming happiness. The canvas transforms into a haven where my soul can be unapologetically free—free from judgment, free from external opinions. With each stroke of color, my spirit dances, and in those moments, I find a deep-seated contentment. That, to me, is the real essence of art in my life. Maybe, in the twists of fate, leaving my successful fashion career was meant to lead me to this unexpected and fulfilling artistic journey.

  • What inspires you as an artist?

I believe it's life itself, in all its raw and unfiltered glory that inspires me . My paintings are not just static canvases; they are living reflections of my ever-evolving state of mind. Some pieces burst forth with exuberance and pure joy, while others delve into the depths of darkness and turmoil. Inspiration, for me, knows no bounds. It can spring from the boundless expanse of a sun-drenched sky, a canvas for my imagination, or from the simple act of sharing a quiet evening tea with my beloved husband.

I'm inspired by the positivity, joy, and satisfaction in life, as well as the emotional tapestry of large families and the beauty of nature, all weaving into my art.

  • Where do you seek inspiration for your artistic creations, and how do you incorporate those influences into your pieces?

I think inspiration is something which can hit you at any moment at any time, with any person , I don’t think there’s a special person, place or thing which can trigger it, like I end up drawing inspiration from various things , it could be either the people I meet in my daily life or someone in my family, a tv show I’m watching or a poem I heard, maybe when I am on vacation or something out in nature.

Then I take whatever inspired me and in my own style I paint it using my signature vibrant colors which I believe infuse happiness into my paintings, creating a lively and united atmosphere. Also, The essence of unity, is evident in my work, as I believe in the magic of togetherness. This approach is how I intertwine my inspirations into my art.

  • How do you define success within the realm of being an artist?

Success, for me, is like a warm embrace when my art reaches into hearts, lighting up smiles and inspiring joy. It's the soulful connection with viewers, the sense of accomplishment when my creations spark inspiration or happiness in an individual.

The financial side has heart too—a quarter of all my art sales go to help those in need, and seeing the happiness on their faces is where success truly hits home. In my words, success is weaving a tapestry of happiness, touching souls, painting smiles, and kindling inspiration through art in the most heartfelt way. That, to me, is the pure essence of success.

  • What does your artwork represent?

In my art, I tell stories of togetherness, painting vibrant scenes filled with joy. The colors I choose are not just paint; they're emotions, symbols of shared happiness and unity among kindred spirits. Each stroke carries the heartbeat of life's vitality. To me, a life without zest is a canvas missing its brilliance.

I believe passionately that life should be a symphony of positive actions, and my art is a gentle nudge to embrace that vibrancy. It's a plea to chase your passions freely, finding happiness in every twist of fate. I advocate for crafting your own joy, urging expressions through dance, paint, walks, or any pursuit that ignites your soul. Let go of the fear of judgment. Sing your song, dance to your rhythm.In the freedom of unbridled expression, there lies contentment and true happiness.

  • What are your success tips for young and aspiring artists?

In the world of art, there are no rigid rules demanding relentless hard work or organized schedules. Art warmly invites you into a space where your emotions can flow freely, unrestricted and unhindered. First and foremost I would like to tell them never ever to let the creations of other artists intimidate you. Instead, build your own castle, your own universe, a haven free from external influence or fear.

Envision your canvas as your kingdom, where you hold the scepter, creating with a sense of unrestricted freedom. Pay no heed to what others may think about your art, and cast aside worries about commercial success. Let these concerns never interrupt the intimate connection between you and your art.

Art is a beautifully unfiltered and authentic expression emanating from your soul. Stay focused and engage in art only when your soul beckons. Your canvas is a personalized playground, filled with warmth and free from rigid structures or laborious toil. Embrace this warmth, and let your creativity soar!

  • Could you share insights into the beginning of your fashion career? How did you take your initial steps in the industry?

I embarked on my fashion journey over 35 years ago in Dubai, driven by a need to express my creativity. Designing my own clothes became my outlet, and encouraged by the compliments around me, I took the leap into a small venture in Dubai. Although it didn't thrive due to my limited business acumen, it sparked a lasting passion.

After relocating to India, I opened a boutique from home, which gradually evolved into a highly successful venture. Over time, my daughter joined the business, leading us to participate in prestigious events like Lakme Fashion Week , Amazon india fashion week etc. We expanded, establishing a factory and opening outlets in prime areas of Delhi. My advice to anyone reading this is simple: embrace failure, dust yourself off, and persist until you succeed.

  • What has been your journey in the fashion industry so far? Any significant milestones or experiences that have shaped your career (mention about your fashion shows and other events?)

Our journey in the fashion industry has been both thrilling and rewarding. The 'Samor' label made its debut in 2009 at the prestigious Lakme Fashion Week, marking the beginning of a remarkable adventure. Being registered members of the Fashion Design Council of India (FDCI) has further solidified our presence in the industry.

The significant milestones in our career include the launch of 'Samor' at Lakme Fashion Week, where we've had the opportunity to showcase our creativity and design philosophy. Followed by many shows spanning over many years. Also, it was definitely another milestone dressing up several celebrities and influencers like Alia Bhatt, Huma Qureshi, Tala Samman, among others , being featured in great publications like Vogue, Harper’s bazaar, Femina and Times of india etc.

In summary, my journey has been shaped by significant moments and I am grateful as these experiences have contributed to the growth and evolution of the 'Samor' label in the dynamic landscape of the fashion industry.

  • Shifting your base to the art industry, could you elaborate on how you embarked on your career in art? What motivated or inspired this transition?)

I've always been an artist at heart, painting for over a decade. Despite my flourishing career in fashion, painting remained more of a hobby or occasional gift rather than a central focus. Even with occasional orders from significant interior designers, I hesitated to make the major shift from my established world to what truly called to my soul.

The pivotal moment arrived during the lockdown. As my store closed, workers returned to their villages, I found myself alone, surrounded by canvases and vibrant paints. In those months, with Lataji's soothing voice on the radio, I painted my heart out. It was then, in that room filled with creativity, that I realized painting was what I wanted to do for the rest of my life. And here I am now, embracing this new chapter with passion and purpose.

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