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The husband-and-wife duo built a complete health solution to fight micronutrient deficiency in India

Updated on: 05 December,2022 09:47 PM IST  |  Mumbai
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The award-winning dietician and fitness enthusiast duo of Dr. Rekha and Saurabh have started an innovative health solution called InstaEats, India's first natural micronutrient snack for daily nutrition and wellness.

The husband-and-wife duo built a complete health solution to fight micronutrient deficiency in India

The award-winning dietician and fitness enthusiast duo, Dr. Rekha and Saurabh

The foundation of InstaEats was laid when Dr. Rekha, the founder of InstaEats, was diagnosed with PCOD, a hormonal condition in women that can lead to serious health complications. The duo used their passion for fitness and expertise in the nutrition space to fight PCOD naturally with a carefully curated diet and lifestyle plan and by adding natural supplements to their daily routine.

On their journey, they realized something simple yet unexplored. Every seed, nut, and berry has the unique clinical property of healing a specific problem. When combined in the right proportion, it can be the most rewarding natural solution that can cure many lifestyle diseases like diabetes, PCOD, thyroid disease, and many more.

"Our research found that, while people are generally aware of the benefits of these natural superfoods, they are unable to incorporate them into their daily nutrition for a variety of reasons, including convenience and a lack of education about "what to eat when... and, more importantly, how much? "So we decided to share our knowledge with others to help create a healthier society." --Saurabh

And hence, they launched "InstaEats: A 100% natural and customized healthy snack," which includes a range of 12 products that are scientifically formulated superfood nuts, seeds, and berries that are wholesome combinations for all your nutrition needs, along with nutrition coaching.

Hidden hunger affects more than 2 billion individuals or nearly 30% of the global population. In India, over 80% of adolescents suffer from hidden hunger, according to UNICEF's 2019 report. For those unfamiliar with the term, "hidden hunger" is a deficiency of one or more micronutrients such as iron, folate, zinc, vitamin A, B12, and vitamin D.

To defeat micronutrient deficiency, all they do is follow the AAA health formula that works:

1. Awareness: Spreading awareness about the symptoms and health problems associated with micronutrient deficiency

2. Assessment: Give a free vitamin deficiency assessment test of the body's requirements according to your health through their AI tool, which is trusted and validated by doctors.

3. Amendments: Amend your health by fulfilling your nutrition needs by delivering the right superfood mix and nutrition coaching to do the best for your health.

For more information related to free vitamin deficiency tests, please visit

"InstaEats is closer to my heart because I have witnessed the miracle it has done for myself and now for my clients." "When I see a difference in my clients' medical reports, I can solve iron deficiency issues and better manage PCOS and thyroid disease by simply adding a healthy nutritional snack to their day." I am humbled by the power our natural superfoods hold. They have long been ignored. "It is time to go back to our roots and ditch chemical-induced supplements," said Dr. Rekha, co-founder, and CEO of InstaEats.

Saurabh, co-founder, and CEO says, "This is just the beginning of a long journey, a mission if you will. "Our vision is to see a naturally healthy and disease-free India."

From health conditions like PCOS, diabetes, gut, heart, thyroid, and skin health to custom nutrition boosters for kids, men, and women's health, InstaEats is the remedy for the healthy and fit you. The pack size is designed for single consumption, ensuring your daily nutrition intake is taken care of without you worrying about following an elaborate plan to maintain it throughout the day. Just eat one packet anytime during the day, and you are done!

InstaEats is not just a health brand; it is a revolution by our power couple to make a healthy and fit India. With our superfood mix, nutrition coaching, and community support, we are not only achieving a healthy lifestyle but also making lives more self-sustaining and fulfilling. You are at your best only when you feel healthy inside and out.

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