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Meet the unstoppable mompreneurs this Mother's Day

Updated on: 13 May,2024 01:30 PM IST  |  Mumbai
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On Mother's Day, we celebrate the remarkable talent and ingenuity of women who are not only raising families but also creating thriving businesses.

Meet the unstoppable mompreneurs this Mother's Day


Leaving a growing career for a child is not easy but there are mothers who have done that. However, there are few mothers who have learned the trick to balance both professional and personal life. These 'mompreneurs' embody the epitome of multitasking. They seamlessly blend the roles of caregiver and entrepreneur at the same time. Let’s meet these inspiring mompreneurs sharing how they master work life and being mom simultaneously.

1. Shreya Gautam, Entrepreneur & Lifestyle and Travel Content Creator
Shreya Gautam Entrepreneur & Lifestyle and Travel Content Creator Shreya Gautam, a former Cabin Crew member of India's leading international airline, who transitioned into the world of blogging six years ago. Shreya's page is not just about lifestyle and parenting; it's a treasure trove of travel content as well. Documenting her experiences, she goes beyond mere storytelling, offering valuable recommendations, tips, and essential information for fellow travelers. Whether it's uncovering hidden gems, sharing travel hacks, or providing insights into must-visit destinations, Shreya's platform serves as a comprehensive guide for all adventure-seekers. Throughout her journey, Shreya has collaborated with prestigious brands and spearheaded various influencer initiatives. Reflecting on her experiences, Shreya shares, "It's not easy juggling two fronts, but from my experience, I have learned that as mothers, we can do it all, but we don't need to. We are always skeptical to ask for help, but instead, we should exploit the resources we have and not shy away from seeking assistance from friends and family. Along with that, time management and pre-planning work wonders in running things smoothly. Despite our best efforts, there will be times when one aspect of your life will need more attention than the other, and that's completely fine. All that matters is that you prioritize your mental health and sanity before everything else."

2. Sukanya Bhataacharya, founder of Prathaa
Sukanya Bhataacharya, the founder of Prathaa and a remarkable mompreneur known for her adeptness in seamlessly balancing the roles of a devoted mother and a thriving entrepreneur. With an unwavering commitment to excellence, Sukanya embodies the values of nurturing, focused multitasking, balance, and quality in her daily endeavours. She firmly believes that these fundamental qualities are imperative not only in nurturing a child but also in steering a successful enterprise. Sukanya's dedication to consistently applying these principles serves as a guiding beacon in her journey towards harmonizing the responsibilities of parenthood and business ownership.

She has built her enterprise with similar value systems that she follows in life, being real and authentic at every step, only to realise that she has developed a real and authentic conscious fashion brand with a commitment mindful community of Prathaawomen invested in a sustainable lifestyle. Her endeavour is to revive the forgotten heritage weaves and art of Indian, creating a sustainable livelihood for the talented artists behind the scene. Simultaneously educate the end consumer to make a conscious purchase. “Look Good, Feel Better been our constant design brief, while making comfortable yet innovative designs”. Each Prathaa garment has an elaborate birthing story which makes the consumer feel good about their contribution to the overall good for the weaver community and environment.

3. Aksha Kamboj, Executive Chairperson, Aspect Global Ventures Pvt Ltd.
Aksha Kamboj's journey as a leader is marked by a rich tapestry of experiences, where she has honed her skills in navigating intricate business landscapes. Her role as the Executive Chairperson of Aspect Group is a testament to her expertise in fostering growth and driving strategic initiatives. At the forefront of Aspect Group stands Aksha Kamboj, Executive Chairperson known for her expertise in management and marketing. With a commitment to excellence and a vision for the future, Mrs Aksha is steering Aspect Group towards new horizons of success, blending innovation with sustainability. Aksha believes in the power of balance and resilience. "Just as I nurture my children with love and guidance, I also nurture my business with dedication and innovation. It's about finding harmony between the two worlds, prioritizing what truly matters, and leading with compassion and determination. Motherhood fuels my drive to create a better future, not just for my family, but for all those touched by Aspect Group's endeavors. It's a journey of constant learning, adaptation, and growth, where each role complements the other, ultimately enriching both my personal and professional life. " said Aksha Kamboj, Executive Chairperson, Aspect Global Ventures Pvt Ltd.

4. Khushbu Gaur Jha, Head-Influencer Network, Janadhar India
In the whirlwind of modern life, finding equilibrium between motherhood and a thriving career is often perceived as an elusive feat. However, Khushbu Gaur Jha stands as a testament to the possibility of not only managing but excelling in both domains. With a 12-year-old daughter named Aalyshia, Khushbu's journey encapsulates the challenges, triumphs, and sheer determination required to navigate the complexities of parenting while thriving in the professional realm. One of the key pillars of Khushbu's journey has been her passion for environmental conservation, manifested through her role as a dedicated plant parent. Beyond the confines of her professional endeavors, Khushbu has actively encouraged others to care for their plants and nurture the environment. Her advocacy serves as a reminder of the interconnectedness between personal well-being and environmental stewardship. "Motherhood and work are both my passions, and I've learned that balance is not about dividing time equally, but about giving my best in each moment, whether it's creating impactful campaigns or cherishing precious moments with my 12-year-old daughter." says Khushbu Gaur Jha, Head-Influencer Network, Janadhar India.

5. Sonalika Bansal, Co-Founder, Dennison
Sonalika Bansal is a qualified MBA in Marketing and HR from ITM University (Gwalior) and also holds Professional certification in Kathak from Raja Mansingh Tomar University, Gwalior. Dennison has positioned itself as a & Zoomers brand that actually works for everyone. As a pocket-friendly budget brand, it is accessible to the emerging fashion-conscious, power- dressing Indian professional. Sonalika is mother of two wonderful children. "I am a dedicated and driven individual who wears many hats in my daily life. As the co-founder of my own business, I am accustomed to navigating the challenges of entrepreneurship while striving for success. My passion for my work is evident in commitment to the business's growth and development. Juggling the responsibilities of running a business with the needs of the family requires careful planning, time management, and flexibility. I finds myself torn between important meetings and school events, client deadlines and bedtime stories, and the constant juggling act can be emotionally and physically exhausting. However, determined to find harmony between the work and family life, knowing that both are equally important to me. To all the strong, courageous, and brilliant mother’s out there, I want to remind you of your worth and the incredible contributions you make” shares Sonalika Bansal, Co-Founder of Dennison.

6. Jaya Bhura, Co-founder and Director, Chakraview
Jaya Bhura, Co-founder and Director of Chakraview, launched the company driven by a deep passion to address the challenges parents face during their children's school commute. Chakraview, born from her determination and business acumen, provides a unique solution to the school bus industry, allowing parents real-time tracking flexibility even with changes in the regular bus. She also plans to introduce a marketplace for hyperlocal experiences in the freemium category. Beyond her tech entrepreneurship role, Jaya is an avid nature lover, having trekked in India and Nepal, and a fitness enthusiast who has run numerous half marathons globally. Jaya believes in balancing both the worlds together i.e children and work life." Its been almost 10 years since I became a momprenuer. My two teenage children still call my business Chakraview the third child, sometimes in an envious tone. I don't feel guilty of dividing my time because I know my kids would grow to respect me more when I have a fulfilling career along with my family life. It will also inspire them to be independent and resourceful" says Jaya Bhura, Co-founder and Director of Chakraview.

7. Dr Reema Nadig, Co-Founder and COO at KITES Senior Care
Dr Reema Nadig is an Experienced Healthcare Management professional with rich experience in clinical & operational excellence with demonstrated history of working in the hospital & health care industry. She is skilled in P&L management, Strategic Planning, Team Building, Patient experience, Patient Safety, Training, Quality and Healthcare Management. She is very passionate about geriatric care. She takes pride in being a mother and at the same time a Co-Founder.“Mompreneurs exemplify the art of balance, juggling the demands of entrepreneurship with the commitments of motherhood. It’s about prioritizing, delegating, and most importantly, embracing the flexibility that comes with running your own business. Today, we celebrate the mompreneurs who blend professionalism with parenting, showing us that success is not about doing it all, but doing what’s important well. They are the proof that with the right support and mindset, work-life balance is not just possible, but sustainable” says Dr Reema Nadig, Co-Founder and COO.KITES Senior Care.

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