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“Dost Banke" Director Abhaynoor Singh on Crafting Emotional Narratives and Visual Storytelling

Updated on: 22 May,2024 03:38 PM IST  |  Mumbai
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Dost Banke's depiction of heartbreak resonated deeply with viewers, tapping into shared experiences of romantic disappointment.

“Dost Banke

Dost Banke Director Abhaynoor Singh

Director Abhaynoor Singh delves into the creative process and emotional depth behind his latest music video, "Dost Banke." Singh shares the inspiration and vision that brought this poignant narrative to life, exploring themes of heartbreak, betrayal, and reflection.

Uncover the story behind this compelling visual masterpiece and gain insights into Singh's future projects.

What inspired you to create "Dost Banke"? Was there a specific experience or idea behind the concept for the music video?
The concept of the video originated when I first heard the song. It was so beautifully penned that I was inspired to weave a story around it. I could envision the song and decided to present it in the form of a modern-age, complicated relationship.

Another thing that sparked the idea was my subconscious and ongoing observation of things prevalent in the world. I wanted to explore the extreme outcomes that could emerge because of unkept commitments and broken trusts. The intent was to depict how these situations can have an intense effect on a person and shatter them forever.

How did you approach capturing the raw emotions in "Dost Banke" that resonated so deeply with audiences worldwide?
My thought process is that when people relate to something, they find it easier to connect with it. Dost Banke's depiction of heartbreak resonated deeply with viewers, tapping into shared experiences of romantic disappointment. By mirroring real-life struggles, it allowed audiences to connect with the story on a personal level. The emotional bond between Priyanka Chahar Choudhary's character and her on-screen child resonated deeply with viewers, especially in the heart-wrenching climax scene. Priyanka's portrayal of devastation showcased the internal turmoil of heartbreak, offering a poignant reminder of its profound impact on individuals.

What message were you hoping to convey to viewers through the themes of hurt, betrayal, and reflection in "Dost Banke"?
Dost Banke aimed to showcase how our choices shape our lives. In everyday life, we often hurt those close to us and justify our actions. When karma strikes, individuals may not understand the cause of their suffering or question its fairness, but there's always a reason behind what unfolds.

In my story, I illustrated the idea that our actions shape our destiny. By leaping five years forward, I showed how karma catches up with the male lead, making him face the consequences of his past misdeeds. The audience grasped and appreciated this message, indicating its effective conveyance.

With "Dost Banke"'s engaging narrative, many viewers want a sequel. Are there plans to continue the story, or do you prefer leaving it open to interpretation?
So, there can be a sequel or prequel. I am open to and exploring both options. What I personally loved the most about this song is that Gurnazar has played a negative character. People gave very strong reactions of hate for him, meaning that his role was convincing. I appreciate his decision to pursue that role. It is a bold step for any actor to try a negative shade. This leads me to explore the possibility of a prequel, presenting why he became the person he is. I believe that can be a truly engaging and touching story. There can be a sequel as well to discuss what happens next in the story. I will have to discuss the possibilities of this with Gurnazar. If everything falls in place, we could plan a prequel or a sequel. But for this, we would definitely need the same amazing team to come on board.

As a director, what challenges did you face during the production of "Dost Banke," and how did you overcome them?
Every shoot has its unique challenges. In the music video, a scene where the female lead throws a phone at a mirror was challenging due to tricky VFX, brand commitments, and story requirements. However, the team's hard work ensured a seamless presentation. I was initially worried about casting for the song due to its emotional depth, but once we finalized the actors, they delivered impeccable performances, doing full justice to their roles with finesse. Every creative production relies on a dedicated team, and the team of Dost Banke was exceptional. With everyone contributing wholeheartedly, the journey was seamless, as each member poured their heart and soul into the project.

With over 22 million views, did you anticipate such a response to "Dost Banke," and how does it feel to see it resonate with so many people?
When the audience loves and supports your work to this extent, there is a great deal of validation that you get, and the motivation to keep going. Having said that, I believe I am lucky to have these ideas come to me. I am grateful to have the ability to execute these ideas. This is complemented by an amazing team that works with utmost dedication and enthusiasm. In a nutshell, it is a blessing to have these ideas, a talented & supportive team, and the love of the audience.

Looking ahead, what can audiences expect from your future projects? Are there any themes or genres you're particularly interested in exploring further?
I do not restrict myself to any specific genre. When I receive a song or a script, I analyze it until it appeals to me. If the creation is great and I believe I can fully justify the execution, I go ahead with it. This is a reason I have been very selective in picking projects, even though I receive a lot of calls on an everyday basis. I do not take up a project until I am fully convinced.

About the future projects, there is one music video in talks with Gurnazar. It is a soulful song with a beautiful story. If finalised, we will go through with it. Also, two films are in the pipeline, one Bollywood and one Punjabi. There are many upcoming, exciting projects, which I will reveal in the near future.

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