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ProDentim Reviews (Warning Customer Complaints 2024) Is Pro Dentim Candy Safe for Gums and Health? Ingredients, Benefits, and Where to Buy (USA, UK, Canada, and Australia)

Updated on: 28 May,2024 06:27 PM IST  |  Mumbai
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Read this article to know ProDentim Reviews.

ProDentim Reviews (Warning Customer Complaints 2024) Is Pro Dentim Candy Safe for Gums and Health? Ingredients, Benefits, and Where to Buy (USA, UK, Canada, and Australia)

ProDentim Reviews

ProDentim is a dental support formula that contains probiotics and nutrients to promote oral health, improve breath freshness, and reduce harmful bacteria levels in the mouth.

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What is ProDentim?

ProDentim is an advanced probiotic blend created to improve oral health. Maintaining oral health is difficult with all the food you eat, even by brushing and flossing your teeth.

ProDentim contains a blend of important probiotic strains, that is, 3.5 billion probiotics combined with other ingredients to improve the effects of the formula, making it flavorful and healthy for your teeth and gums at the same time.

Maintaining the nutrient supply to your teeth is more important as it regulates the health of your teeth and gums from within.

Scientists have discovered the true root cause of the declining health of your teeth and gums. Thus, ProDentim has been created to act on these roots and effectively improve your teeth and gums' health without causing any side effects.

The ProDentim supplement is the only supplement that addresses the need to maintain a microbial balance in the mouth.

ProDentim also provides your teeth with important nutrients that keep oral health issues at bay.

Thus, if you suffer from gum-related ailments, have teeth prone to decay, or are weakened, ProDentim is just the solution you have been looking for.

How does it work?

Recent research studies have revealed the root cause of declining oral health in individuals. The true root of the decline in oral health is found to be an imbalance in the microbiome of the mouth.

This simply means that the levels of the good and bad bacteria in your mouth are out of balance. Thus, ProDentim has been created to restore this balance.

Using commonly used dental products like toothpaste and mouthwash may cause an imbalance in the levels of good and bacteria.

These products often contain toxic ingredients that affect the mouth's microbiome, thus causing gum ailments and tooth decay.

Teeth present outside can thrive for hundreds of years; however, using these products weakens them and affects oral health.

Thus, to restore the balance in the microbiome of the mouth, ProDentim has been created by combining 3.5 billion strains of probiotics.

These probiotics and other ingredients have proven to be beneficial for improving the health of your teeth and gums.

ProDentim Ingredients

Take a look at these ingredients that we have listed below for you:

Lactobacillus Paracasei
This probiotic strain has been thoroughly researched and is known for its benefits. It promotes the health of your gums and helps to strengthen weak gums. An added benefit of this supplement is that it frees the sinuses and helps them stay open.

B-lactis BL-40
B-lactis BL-40 probiotic strain works well with other probiotics added to the blend. According to several studies, this promotes the balance of the mouth's microbiome.

It is also great for supporting the respiratory tract and maintaining the health of your immune system.

Lactobacillus reuteri
Lactobacillus reuteri ingredient helps with inflamed gums and improves the bacterial environment of the mouth.

This has been added to support the good bacteria.

Malic acid
This ingredient is present in strawberries and helps support teeth whiteness.

Tricalcium Phosphate
Tricalcium Phosphate ingredient is great for your tooth health and strength.

This ingredient helps with its natural anti-inflammatory nature and may reduce bad mouth odor.

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  • ProDentim is a blend of important oral probiotics that have been proven effective in improving the health and well-being of your teeth and gums.
  • The formula enables you to achieve stronger teeth, heals gum ailments, and achieves microbial balance in the mouth.
  • You can improve your breath, which is affected by an imbalance in the mouth's microbiome.
  • The balance of good and bad bacteria in the mouth helps improve oral health.


  • ProDentim is only purchasable from its official website, as it is not sold offline or on other sites.
  • The results may vary depending on factors like health conditions that may cause declining oral health, unhealthy diet, and other factors influencing your oral health.
  • ProDentim may not be effective if not used with consistency as recommended.

How to use it?

ProDentim has been created to ensure you achieve better oral health when you use the supplement daily. To make it easier to use, ProDentim is provided in the form of soft tablets.

Every bottle of ProDentim contains a month’s supply of 30 soft tablets. The best way to use ProDentim is to take one of these soft tablets daily in the mornings.

Simply chew the tablet slowly so that the probiotic strains and nutrients directly get absorbed in your body and get started immediately.

Using the ProDentim supplement daily in the mornings for at least 30 days guarantees observable results.

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Any Side Effects?

As mentioned earlier, ProDentim is a probiotic and nutrient blend derived from natural sources. These ingredients are tested for quality, purity, and potency before being added to the formula.

Additionally, ProDentim is free from chemicals, preservatives, or other ingredients that are toxic to our health. Thus, you can use ProDentim without the risk of experiencing side effects that most supplements are known to cause.

Using the supplement in recommended dosages enables you to achieve the results while using the formula safely.

Only people with health conditions and women who are pregnant or lactating have been advised to see a doctor before using ProDentim.

Pricing and Discounts

ProDentim is available in three packs at greater discounts as the number of bottles increases.

Each pack offers a better money-saving deal than the next; however, this offer may only be available for a limited time. Hence, it is recommended that you get your ProDentim supply during this offer period.

The pricing, discounts, and other exciting offers on ProDentim have been listed below:

  • 30-Day Supply: 1x bottle of ProDentim is available for $69
  • 90-Day Supply: 3x bottles of ProDentim are available for $177
  • 180-Day Supply: 6x bottles of ProDentim are available for $294

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Refund Policy

The creators of ProDentim offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee of 60 days that enables you to get a refund if ProDentim does not work for you.

This way, you can invest in ProDentim with confidence and try it to experience all the amazing benefits promised.

If you still feel unsatisfied with the results, simply contact customer support to initiate the refund process.


With the purchase of three or six-bottle packs of ProDentim, you can access two bonuses that help you get better results when you use them alongside the ProDentim supplement.

Take a look at these amazing bonuses:

  • The first bonus is “Bad breath gone. One day detox”. This bonus consists of 7 spices and herbs that always work wonders for fresh breath.

  • The second bonus is called “Hollywood white teeth.” As the name suggests, this bonus consists of popular brushing techniques among celebrities and much more.

Shipping Location Details

ProDentim is currently being shipped worldwide, and different shipping charges are applied for different locations.

Domestic orders may get great deals on their purchase as the shipping for ProDentim packs to be delivered in the US is not charged with any shipping fee. You can find shipping for different locations listed down below:

  • United States:
    • Shipping: FREE
    • Delivery: 5-7 working days
  • Canada:
    • Shipping: $15.95
    • Delivery: 10-15 working days
  • UK and Ireland:
    • Shipping: $15.95
    • Delivery: 10-15 working days
  • Australia and New Zealand:
    • Shipping: $15.95
    • Delivery: 10-15 working days

In addition to that, small custom duties may be applicable for international orders.

ProDentim Customer Reviews and Complaints

ProDentim is loved by the customers who have been using this supplement daily. You can take a look at what customers have to say about ProDentim below:

  • Sam Perkin - Dallas, USA- Sam Perkin is enjoying better oral health…

“I’ve always taken such good care of my teeth, but it always felt like I wasn’t doing enough. Now, my teeth feel amazing for the first time in decades.”

  • Portia Thompson - Florida, USA- Portia Thompson loves her fresh breath…

“It’s just unbelievable how much I like ProDentim. I’m so glad my dentist recommended it to me!”

Theo Franklin - Chicago, USA- Theo Franklin doesn’t spend fortunes on dentists...

“My gums have never looked better. It feels so good not to have to worry about my teeth. I simply love it!”

This product has several positive reviews from customers who have added ProDentim to their routine. You can be one of these customers and confidently smile by getting your ProDentim pack today!


While maintaining oral health can be difficult, ProDentim is here to support your nutritional needs and improve the health of your teeth and gums.

We can always avoid things that can affect our oral health; however, most of us suffer from other issues related to our teeth or gums.

Hence, if you have been looking for a method to boost your microbiome in the mouth naturally, ProDentim is the key.

It is recommended that people struggling with oral health problems give ProDentim a try.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is ProDentim?
Oral Probiotics are important to maintain a healthy microbial environment in your mouth. ProDentim is an oral probiotic supplement that supports the health of your teeth and gums by maintaining balance in the good and bad bacteria in your mouth.

It contains a unique blend of 3.5 billion probiotic strains and other important nutrients that promote the health of your teeth and gums.

Does ProDentim work?
ProDentim is a blend of important probiotic strains combined to act on the roots of oral health issues. The roots of these oral health issues are toxins that affect the microbiome in the mouth.

Hence, ProDentim works by providing important probiotics that help balance the microbiome and eliminate oral health issues effectively.

How many bottles of Prodentim should I order?
It has been recommended that ProDentim be used for a long duration. This helps to promote better oral health and may enable you to reverse your problems at the root.

Hence, it is best to order the 3- or 6-bottle pack to achieve the maximum benefits of ProDentim.

These packs are also available at higher discounts and enable you to unlock access to 2 amazing bonuses that go hand in hand with ProDentim.

What if ProDentim does not work for you?
ProDentim is one of the best oral health supplements available on the market. However, for some reason, if ProDentim does not work for you, simply initiating the refund process can help you get your money back.

The refund process is simple and can be initiated within 60 days from the date of purchase.

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