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Movie Review: Saare Jahaan Se Mehnga

Updated on: 09 March,2013 05:36 AM IST  | 
Shakti Shetty |

Inflation is an uncomfortable reality and something that can't be overlooked in our daily existence

Movie Review: Saare Jahaan Se Mehnga

Thankfully, some films do come up every now and then to highlight it. However, very few try to provide a solution. Saare Jahaan Se Mehnga is definitely one of them. But as far as the effectiveness of that remedy is concerned, the whole project falters, thanks to weaker subplots. In other words, it doesn’t accomplish what Peepli [Live] could.

Saare Jahaan Se Mehnga

Set in northern India, the film revolves around a lower middle-class family. Money is a constant issue and the rising prices don’t provide much relief either. Despite being those who seem downright sincere, they decide to skew a government loan scheme. The idea seems very far-fetched — as it involves perishable goods that are going to rot sooner or later — they somehow stay stoic about their plan. Such is the case before a loan inspector enters their life, only to make it worse.

The inspector might sound like the bad guy but the real villain here is inflation. And if you take the cogs and wheels along, even the government and the economists are at work. Anyway, they can’t be blamed for the shortcomings of this socio-satirical effort. For one, you never really understand why a family would go through mundane troubles when its youngest member is old enough to have a job and contribute to the finances. What irritates you is this particular guy is happy fiddling with his cellphone and romancing the girl of his dreams. There are similar instances of senselessness in the film.

In terms of performances, Sanjay Mishra takes the cake for his measured portrayal of a hassled breadwinner.

Economics might be a serious subject but a bigger dose of humour should have helped. The dialogues lack punch even though the intentions are educative. In the end, the film leaves you uncertain with so much more to desire. u00a0

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