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Chin2 Bhosle on World Music Day: She (Ashaji) is always looking to do better herself

Updated on: 21 June,2021 03:43 PM IST  |  Mumbai
mid-day online correspondent |

Singer Chin2 Bhosle, veteran singer Asha Bhosle's grandson, shares in a candid chat talked about what makes Ashaji his idol, and how music should be celebrated by us.

Chin2 Bhosle on World Music Day: She (Ashaji) is always looking to do better herself

Chin2 Bhosle with Asha Bhosle/picture courtesy: PR

On the occasion of World Music Day, Chin2 Bhosle shared about what learnings he received from his Legendary Aai (Asha Bhosle). He says “It is only after you see Aai’s (Ashaji) dedication to her art, do you realise that legends aren’t just made ‘by chance’! More often than not, people become legends because of their attitude and hard work. She of course has worked extremely hard but her attitude towards her work is – I will not rest till I get it right”. 

The popular actor and singer further added, "She is always looking to do better herself. Even today, when she sings a song, her first question is – what can I learn from this song? How can I become a better singer and grow my repertoire as an artist? If this does not inspire a person, I don’t know what will! There are many many such moments which I’ve had the privilege to be privy to and it is so humbling to see that she doesn’t really care about the fame or adulation – her single-minded focus is her god – her music.”

Chin2 Bhosle concluded, “As a Guru and mentor with the Furtados School of Music, my biggest focus is to ensure that students have a fun, immersive and holistic education experience. The reason for this is simple – you love what you do, you will do more of it. And if you delve more into music and keep it close to your heart, no matter what you become in life (a doctor, pilot, digital entrepreneur, etc.) music will give you peace and allow you to face all the tough things that life throws at you. This is the biggest gift I think we can give our students and the best advice I can give to those wondering if they should study music. Study music the right way (the right teacher makes all the difference!), fall in love with the subject and make music a close friend of yours for decades to come.”

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