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Aneri Vajani: I’m carrying a 23-kilo bag of food

Updated on: 28 June,2022 07:50 AM IST  |  Mumbai
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Aneri Vajani on going into Khatron Ke Khiladi 12, armed with confidence and the comfort of homemade food

Aneri Vajani: I’m carrying a 23-kilo bag of food

Aneri Vajani

There’s not a mean bone in Aneri Vajani. She believes that if she is nice to people, she will be treated the same way. But Khatron Ke Khiladi 12 is hardly a place for niceties. With surroundings that push your physical limits and tasks that test your mental strength, the show can build or break your resilience. “How can you fear something you’ve never done,” asks Vajani, as she gears up for her first reality show. For moral support, her mother has sent her a bag full of home-cooked food, she laughs. The actor talks about her fears and hopes before heading to Cape Town.

Edited excerpts from the interview.

You were never one to do reality shows. How did you agree to take up Khatron Ke Khiladi?
There is a correct time for everything, and I was waiting for the right vibe. Additionally, my mom wanted me to do some reality shows. She wanted me to go out there and let the world know the real Aneri. 

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What were some of your inhibitions before signing on the dotted line?
I believe I am one of the most easy-going people in the industry. I don’t travel with an entourage. I want people to be nice to me because I would like to be treated the way I treat them. When they told me I may not be able to do my hair and make-up, I was more than thrilled. I was okay when they told me I won’t have a vanity van. Then, they told me about food issues, and I assured them that my mother will send over lots of food. In fact, I told them that they could come to me if they needed food [laughs]. However, [what shook me] was that I would’ve to stay away from my family for two months. I usually get homesick in two days.

So, what’s special in these dabbas?
We are allowed three bags of 23 kilos each, and two 7-kilo handbags. Of these, I have a 23-kilo bag of only food in it [laughs]. Name a food item, and I have it in my bag. My mother was sure that after two days I would crave pav bhaji, so she vacuumed the dish and sent it with me [laughs]. When we went to Mauritius for Beyhadh, everyone was laughing at me for carrying a bag filled with food. However, when we were stranded at a place, I removed my thepla and started eating. People lost their sh*t. They called me Annapurna devi and begged me for food.

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Are you nervous about the show?
I am scared that this is a new journey. Aneri with no filter has never gone and [faced the camera]. I hope people enjoy my humour. Also, I am a bit of a cry baby because I am an emotional person. If I am angry, I will cry. If I am upset, I cry, but I hope I can manage it this time. 

Did any task from the previous seasons freak you out?
For the past nine years, I have only worked. I’ve gone from home to the set, and back. I have never explored the adventurous side of me, which was one of the key reasons to [come on board]. Even if I am unable to do something, at least I will know that I tried. I don’t want to fear something and regret it in the future.
Have you made any friends in the group?
I don’t know anyone personally, but I have met Sriti [Jha] a few times. She is sweet. I also know Mohit [Malik], because his Kulfi Kumar Bajewala director [Ravi Bhushan] helmed my show, Nisha Aur Uske Cousins. I met Shivangi [Joshi] during a party. I believe if you are nice to people, they will be nice to you. After all, this is KKK, not Bigg Boss.

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Any apprehensions about working with Rohit Shetty?
Rohit sir is as unpredictable as I am. So, if he does something out of the ordinary, I won’t be surprised. He can make you cry, laugh, and mentor you at the same time. So, I am looking forward to meeting him and having him guide me.

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